Jeff Frieheit Munich to Venice

I heard on 10th August that Jeff Frieheit a Canadian walking the from Munich to Venice, has gone missing. He was last heard off on the 1st of August on what would have been his first day in the high mountains. Jeff had made contact with me before starting the trip and was clearly looking forward to his hike.

Jeff’s family and friends are obviously worried. I know a number of people are currently following the route described in my guide so please if anyone has seen Jeff let me know and I'll make sure the information is passed on.  

In the meantime my thoughts are with his family and friends.


  1. please find Jeff

  2. Hey John. As a friend of Jeff thought I would reach out. I know he was trying to cut the route by 6 days. In the area that he went missing would he have tried a shortcut? I know he studied your route intensely so if you had any insight it might help....

    1. Hi there

      To be honest I'd rather not speculate publically but more than happy to answer your question with a direct email.