About me

John Hayes

I'm a reasonably fit 60 year old who was lucky enough to finish full time work in 2010 and start walking in various parts of the world.
On the E4 in Austria

My epic trip was the E4, 5,000km from Tarifa in Spain to Budapest.  A 6 month tramp across Europe changed everything, including my body shape, and I now spend my time either walking somewhere or planning my next trip.

I also enjoy writing about my trips mainly through this blog, but also in magazines.  My first travel guide ' The GR1 Sendero Histórico ' was published in 2015 and the second 'Munich to Venice - the Dreamway' will be out in 2016.

I do a lot of walking in Nepal and love the people there.  In particular, I have got to know the people running the Britain Nepal Medical Trust and the brilliant work they are doing. So far, through sponsorship, writing articles and income from this website, I have raised nearly £7,000. If you're interested in helping me raise more money than please contact me.

My email address, chosen on a boozy Sunday afternoon when I first committed myself to the E4 trip, is amithefirst@gmail.com.  Press the Google+ button on the home page if you want to keep in touch.