About me

John Hayes

After escaping from the world of 9 to 5 in 2010, I've been walking and cycling and planning my next trip on an almost continuous basis. It's been tough but somehow I've managed.

My epic trip was the E4, a 6 month and 5,000km hike from Tarifa in Spain to Budapest.  It changed everything including my body shape.   I'm now totally addicted to adventure and as well as walking trips have added long distance cycle touring to my repertoire.

I also enjoy writing about travel mainly through this blog, but also in magazines.  My first guide ' The GR1 Sendero Histórico ' was published in 2015,  the second 'Munich to Venice - the Dreamway' in 2016, and a third one - the Karnischer Hohenweg is due for publication in 2018.

My email address, chosen on a boozy Sunday afternoon when I first committed myself to the E4 trip, is amithefirst@gmail.com.  Press the Google+ button on the home page if you want to keep in touch or follow me on twitter at Johnhayeswalks