Munich to Venice

Der Traumpfad

If you ask a German hiker how to get to Venice the chances are they would tell you to go to Munich, find the Marienplatz, then heads south across the Alps on Der Traumpfad (the Dream Way).  Thirty days later, after the trip of a lifetime, you'll have swapped the crowds of Munich's busiest square for what Napoleon described as the 'drawing room of Europe', the Piazza San Marco.

Der Traumpfad has the same must-do status for German walkers that the coast-to-coast has for the British.  Each year hundreds of people take up the challenge and set off from Munich on a trans-alpine adventure.

Although there are a number of German language guides, the absence of an English language version has left Der Traumpfad virtually unknown outside central Europe.  Putting this anomaly right has been an absolute pleasure.  My guide, published by Cicerone and in good time for next year's walking season, opens up one of Europe's most epic walks to English speakers everywhere.

If you interested follow this link to the Cicerone store.

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  1. Hello John,
    I'm Giuseppe from Italy.
    I've just bought your book "Munich to Venice" and I'm wondering if it is possible to wlak that thek using a tent and with a dog.
    I know this is not the right time to walk but I'm planning my trekking to be ready as soon as there is the possibility to leave home.
    Thank you and have a nice stay at home!

    1. Hi Giuseppe

      Thanks for buying my book and hopefully the Alps will be open again by the time the snow melts on the passes. T

      questions really - can you do the MV with a tent? - can you do it with a dog?

      Camping is definitely not encouraged along the route. Wild camping is not allowed and there are no campsites to speak off. Because there are so many mountain refuges it's all about trying to get hikers to use those facilities.

      To be honest I don't know the answer to the second question. I have seen hikers with dogs (not many) but I don't know if they were doing the whole route. Suggest you check on the accommodation policies of the huts and whether or not they allowed dogs. You will come across a cows with calves and they can be a bit aggressive towards walkers with dogs.

      Not that encouraging I'm afraid but it's a great walk with or without a dog.

    2. Hi John,

      thank you for the info! Onestly, walking for so many km with a tent in my sack is not very attractive so your answer is welcomed! About the dog, I'll check but I know thet dogs are not accepted in many refuges.

      Thank you again.


  2. Hello John,
    I too have purchased your book and plan to hike the Munich to Venice route this year (Aug/Sept 2020) then finish the Via Francigena from Aulla to Rome. Any information on whether the hut system will be open this season and advice? Thank you. Eric

  3. Hi Eric

    I'm sorry I don't have any information on whether or not the hut system is going to be open. It is difficult to social distance in the huts so that is definitely going to be a challenge.

    Thanks for buying the book and if I hear anything I'll post it on the blog.

    Best wishes


  4. Hi John,
    I'm going to be walking the Traumpfad in June ( starting in Munich the 1st of June ) I know it isn't ideal but I couldn't get any holidays later this year.
    I'm following your guidebook ( it's great by the way ! )
    Do you reckon that a lot of the path / passes will be closed at that time of the year (8th of June ) ?
    If so, which ones do you think are more likely to be closed?

    I'll already skip the Tuxer Joch Haus since it'll be closed, and I'll spend the night in Hintertux instead, taking a variant path from Lizumer hutte ( as suggested in your book ).

    Thank you in advance for your help !


    1. Hi Jeanne

      Bad news I'm afraid - I think most of the high passes will still have snow on them in June. Even if some of the huts are open it's just too early to do a through hike across the Alps that early - you really need to leave it to July and even then it can be tricky. Sorry about that.


  5. Hi John, thank you for your quick reply, it is very helpful.
    Could I ask you which passes in particular are likely to be closed in your opinion ? Or how many stages ?
    The dates I had in mind were...
    1st of June - Munich
    6th of June - Wattens
    11th of June - Pfunders
    17th of June - Alleghe
    21th if June - Belluno

    I'd be happy to shorten my trip by bypassing the middle section ( I heard that it is very unlikely to be crossing the Friesenbergscharte in June)...

    Do you think it's worth cancelling the whole trip ?

    Thank you for your help !


    1. Things vary from year to year but you have to assume that anything over 2500m could have snow well into July and you would need to take local advice even then. If you look at the schematic on page 10 of the guide you can see the impact this has on a June walk. The passes are always approached from the north and the snow lingers on the northern side much longer than it does on the sunny southern side and that's the problem. I don't think a June walk is feasible for "ordinary" hikers - the sort of hikers my guide is aimed at.

  6. Thank you for your advice John !