Eurorando 2011

Brilliant. Eurorando is the five yearly celebration of the E long distance walking network and the next one is in 2011 coinciding perfectly with the planned amithefirst "conquest" of the E4. If that bit of good fortune wasn't enough the association organising the event is Spanish (the FEDME) with the walking club in Andalusia taking the lead. Tarifa, the starting point for the E4 walk is in Andalusia. The only slight problem is that I'm proposing to walk from west to east so I should be in Budapest when everyone else is celebrating in Granada. Small detail to be ironed out at a later point.

Plans for the Eurorando 2011 are well advanced - its a significant event for tourism in Andulasia and if I understand all the documents correctly there is a budget of some 1.6 million euros. There is even a video which looks great (but of course is in Spanish).

Apart from creating a bigger interest in the concept of the long distance walks I'm not quite sure yet what this means for the amithefirst project. What I need is a really good Spanish speaker to help me engage with the project team in Andulasia to see if they are interested in promoting my attempt.

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