Tuesday 19th April Montan to Montanejos

Another lost blog. The common link is the dodgy wifi at Montanejos; lovely walk, nice town, great hotel, but dodgy wifi and two lost blogs.

Anyway, let's try a 2nd time..... Tuesday was a relatively short walk. Had plenty of time for a quick look around Montan before we left, particularly the monastery which our hotel was attached to, wonderful building currently being restored.


Climbed up the road just outside village and then off road and down into a valley. Nothing out of the ordinary but very pleasant.

After climbing up the other side you start to get glimpses of some dramatic cliffs to the north through the trees. After a few kilometres the forest road peters out and turns into a trail. You're then taken around the side of gorge, half way up, on the most dramatic path of the E4 so far. Perfectly safe as long as you're careful but you need a head for hights as your sense of perspective struggles to handle the sheer cliffs above and the huge drops below you. Brilliant scenery.

Barranco de la Maimona

More Barranco

And more Barranco de la Maimona

The path finishes all too soon and it's a short walk down into Montajanos. We stay in the Casa Palacios, a nice hotel built around a Moorish tower next to the church. From our room you had a view of the river which has natural swimming pools amid beds of reeds. Strolling round the town later we saw a fabulous skinny bridge-cum- aqueduct which could take you off on a different GR trail to the South East.


  1. John, the climbing walls are the Maimona gorge. Montanejos is in a magnific place as you could see, where the three rivers converge, the Maimona, the Montan and the Mijares river. The place is a summer vacation place for Valencian inhabitants.

  2. The GR waymarks you saw in Montanejos is the GR160 the Camino del Cid a 1.350 Km trail coming from Burgos and ending in Alicante. From the northwest to the southeast, a very nice trail to think of for your next spanish walking.

  3. Another Spanish walk? You seem to spend more than 2 months on the Spanish part of E4 alone, and after Budapest there is another 5000 kilometers to go: eastern Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece down to the far end of Crete, and more than 500 kilometers on Cyprus. And how nice would it be to take the ferry to Jerusalem from there ...? Menno