Wednesday 25th May Castenet le Haut to Ceilhes-et-Rocozels

Just more of the same I'm afraid, perfect weather, great countryside and nice places to stop over.

The food in the Auberge de Fau was excellent. Really impressed with the young couple who were running it obviously as a side business to their farm. So as well as making sure I got a perfect table d'hote, they had been busy getting the silage in all day and keeping their two young children entertained. Notice that the silage is being cut at least a week ahead of David in the Archers, although to be fair he does seem to have a lot on his plate at the moment.

Auberge de Fau

The only disadvantage of the Auberge was it involved dropping down into a valley from the GR 71 and all of the height lost had to regained. It took nearly an hour to get back to the route but the starting point was further along the trail.

Although it was all very nice it was, to be honest, all very similar, no huge views and no obvious pattern to the landscape. Although at one point I think I was looking back to the Pic Noire the views to all points of the compass were the same.

Montagne de l'Epinouse

The only settlement you go through is the village of Melagues, and it was very small although the GR signs were vague enough to get me lost. After wandering up and down for a few minutes, consulting a local, I was back into the trees and on my way to Ceilhes-et-Rocozels.


Arrived at about 4.30 and Christine got here at 6.00 The first thing she wanted to do was go for a walk! Managed to persuade her to restrict this to walk to the bar overlooking the lake along the road. We spent the next hour or so catching up on all the news.

Tomorrow's walk to Lodeve is just a bit too long particularly as we are not going to get away until 8.30 in the morning. Might need to figure out a way of shortening it a bit.


  1. Cheers for Christine. The new shoes will be of help indeed.
    Have a nice time together in the beautiful french countryside.

  2. Congratulations, John! With new boots and a wife who has no brakes when it comes to walking, you will run rather than walk to Lodève. And indeed, the French countryside is beautiful and your pictures grasp the best of it. Wished I were a magician with cameras like you! Menno