Thursday 30th June Ballaigues to Sainte Croix

I'm definitely a fan of the Chemin des Cretes, Jura Ridgeway or the Jurahohenwege or whatever the thing  I'm walking along is called. Although it was too hazy to see right across the valley to the Alps, the weather was fine today and the shorter views were just great. It's also easy walking and you feel that your covering the ground quickly. Mount Tendre, the misty mountain from yesterday, seemed miles away today.

Not a huge walk, about 17 kilometres, although I added about 5 kilometres looking for somewhere to stay at the end. No Internet access last night and didn't get myself sorted before I got to Sainte Croix (rescued by the Tourist Office in the end). Hotel at Ballaigues was fine although the flags outside the window were rattling in last night's storm.

Hotel de la Croix d'Or

I guess you could say that today was the two lake day. Once on top and having travelled along the ridge for a bit I could see the northern shore of Lake Geneva and then, after travelling a bit further the western half of Lake Nuechatel.

Lake Nuechatel

It would have been great to see clearly across the valley but the shorter views had a lot going for them. This definitely wasn't the endless forest which I got stuck with through large parts of the trek through France but loads of open countryside alongside with some short stretches of woodland trail.


Shady path

Limestone cliffs

I also seemed to following the Swiss equivalent of the Maginot Line with concrete barricades and little forts strategically placed in all the gaps between the hills. They were running in a line east to west so obviously trying to stop someone from getting into the country from the north, can't think who that would be.

Tank defences

Staying in my first Swiss bed and breakfast tonight and was able to weigh myself in the bathroom. Christine's claim that I have have lost two stone in weight are of course an exaggeration but I have lost about a stone and a half. Now the same weight as I was in my early twenties!


  1. Hi John,

    better weather and great images - hope it holds out over the Alps! Keep those feet dry it is your only hope to stop blisters and other issues.

    Thanks for the blog,

    Rob Watts
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Hi John

    I met with Christine recently who reminded me of your blog, so I thought I'd take a look and say hi.

    What an experience to have visited so much already - I'm just amazed you've achieved it all by foot! It's great you are able to share it with everyone via this blog. I'm really liking the pics.

    Hope the weather helps you along the way.

    All the best!

  3. Dear John. I have been on a mountain trek in northern Spain but have not lost one of your great walking lectures. I envy your courage and determination. Keep walking John your finishing line is near and indeed a lot of marvelous places to visit.

  4. Hi Rob, thanks for the interest, feet holding up really well. Main problem is the shoes, when they get wet, smell!

  5. Hi Karina, really nice to hear from you. Really enjoying it but can't wait to get back to see that new baby. Swings and foundations!