Saturday 30th of July Bad Reichenhall to Salzburg

My original plan had been to climb up from Bad Reichenhall, see the Hitler's Eagle's Lair at the Berchtesgadner Hochthron and then stay at the Zeppezauerhaus. Unfortunately as it's a Saturday the hut was full so the revised plan involved going to the top, coming down on the lift, and then ploughing on into Salzburg. Given the huge 1800 metre climb up to Berchtesgadner Hochthron, which looks a bit treacherous at the top, we decided that if the weather wasn't half decent we would take the low level E4 route option into Salzburg. This morning it was poring with rain, you couldn't see a thing, so regrettably we took the low route option.

To be honest the Maximillianweg stretch of my E4 walk has been dogged by bad weather so although the failure to get to Berchtesgadner Hochthron made for a bit of an anti-climax it was par for the course of the last two weeks. The low level option, in the rain, was very dull and as we hit the Salzburg suburbs we saw a bus and made for our hotel.

Currently waiting for Christine to arrive. The hotel she booked is ideally located for a quick getaway tomorrow morning and the weather forecast for next week looks much better. Walking every day in the Alps is really tough but it can't get much worse than it's been for the last two weeks and after another two the end of the Alps will be in sight.

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  1. Walking with company has certain benefits specialy when you are in the Alps with bad weather.
    John I have been in the Italian Alps last week enyoing the beautiful scenery also the recent snow in the mountains. I was thinking about yourself so near in the other side, the Bavarian and Austrian Tirol. Now I am again at home reading your great adventure that I follow with interest and envy.
    Have a nice time with Christine and your friends.