Posada de los Arrieros to Granada

We did feel that it was a bit of a cheat getting the taxi from Mairena to Posada de los Arrieros and it also meant that we missed out of what is supposed to be a lovely gorge walk just north of Bayarcal.  On the other hand the weather was definitely on the turn and getting to La Calahorra early meant we could spend the night in Granada and enjoy a stress free trip to Malaga and back to London.  The hotel at Pasada de los Arrieros was also excellent and the generator breaking down half way through dinner added to the remote in the mountains feeling.
Hotel at Posada de los Arrieros

It was cold in the morning, over 1600 metres high and a clear sky was enough to produce a frost on the ground, the first one on this trip.  Still the climb up to the pass was a nice steady and easy climb and we soon warmed up.

Early morning sun below Puerto La Ragua
Just over the 2000 metre pass the weather really turned and short shower, with a bit of hail, turned out to be a harbinger of worse things to come.  Got some final views down the mountain to Ferreira and, on the other side of a wide flat valley bottom, to Charches, which is at the foot of the Sierra de Baza, before the clouds finally dropped.   To be honest the walk down the mountain wasn't that pleasant.  Firstly we following a fire break down along a ridge and then an old, overgrown and badly eroded path along the side of a stream.  About two kilometres from Ferriera heavy rain started to fall and we dived into the first bar we saw once we got into the town.

The weekly bull fighting update was on the television, a programme we had endured a week ago in Arenas del Rey, but the food here much better.  Between us we had six lots of tapas (hot roast pork on toasted bread), six glasses of local wine and three expressos all for 12 euros 50.  Excellent value.

The rain had stopped by the time we left for bar and fortified with food and drink, and celebrating the end of the walk we were rewarded with great views of both La Calahorra and its amazing hill top castle and the Sierra Nevada.  The rain below had fallen as snow above and when the sun broke through the clouds you could clearly see the white tops of the mountains, the first snow of the year.
Fresh Snow on the Sierra Nevada

La Calahorra
Got to Granada by 8 on the excellent Alsa bus. Have been there before but just to see, briefly the Alhambra and the Cathedral.  This time we got to wander around the city centre streets in the evening and eat one final Spanish meal, it really is a lovely place and an excellent way to round of the trip.

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