Day 4 Coburger Hutte

Brilliant days walking, only problem was it was too short. Weather was perfect, scenery amazing but the next hutte was five hours away, got there just a bit too early. The way my schedule works, it's either a mega day today or tomorrow - it's 10 hours plus tomorrow.
Wolfratshauser Hutte

Yesterday's cloud and rain had completely gone and today was sunny with a clear blue sky. Hutte breakfasts are usually very minimal but everything about the Wolfratshauser Hutte was on the generous side, including the breakfast.

The walk was in three stages, steep down, very steep up and then a final and very beautiful run in to hutte.

The first stage involved a sort of contour walk around to Grubig Alm. There was quick and scenic options and without really meaning to, I took the scenic one, avoided a boring gravel track but lost height which I then had to make up. After Grubig Alm, which is a ski lift interchange, it was a long and pleasant descent through trees to Biberwier.

***Equipment Failure***Perhaps the most news worthy feature of the whole day, certainly as far as my friend Roger would be concerned is that I had a equipment failure on the way down to Biberwier. Slipping on some greasy limestone I put some weight on my super light compact Fizan walking pole, it bent and snapped. Super light and super crap.

Consumed my first strudel of the trip in Biberwier by way of compensation, sent a text to Christine and she is going to bring a super heavy twenty year old pole from England when she joins me on Sunday.

Cilmbing up the Biberwierschart
From Biberwier it's a continuous 1000 metre climb up to the Biberwiererschart, the pass on the way to Coburger Hutte. The route is marked black on the signs and indeed a head for heights is a requirement for last 100 metres or so. I really enjoyed the climb, concentrated on not getting out of breath, slowing down if that started to happen, but then just kept going. Slow steady, but nonstop, is definitely the fastest way up.
On the Pass at Biberwiererschart

The climb to the top was good but the views over the pass were amazing - huge limestone cliffs in all directions. Shared the views with a German couple with lots of mutual picture taking.
Looking down from the Coburger Hutte

The last bit of walk, a stroll really, involved a gentle descent down to the hutte. Another hutte in an amazing location and like the Prinz-Luitpold Haus set in a semi circle of cliffs with a lake immediately below.

Coburger Hutte
Very busy Hutte but mostly day trippers. I had reserved a bed and was shown up to room 13 which is in the loft. There are six other beds in the room but I have feeling that I have got it to myself. Hopefully Austrians are superstitious.
Behind the Coburger Hutte

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  1. Very nice walk you are having over the Alps and enjoying a lot as I can see.
    Have a nice time John meantime I will follow your steps through your writings and fotos.

  2. I had a similar problem with the Fizan Compact poles. Superlight/supercrap. I'm trying to see if they or the online company from whom I bought them will exchange or reimburse.