Day 7 Falkenhutte

Day 7 for me, day 1 for Christine, and her first "strike" of the trip; she stopped and wouldn't go any further.

After all the wonderful walking of the last six days, I was worried things were about to fizzle out. Yesterday was dull and the limited research I'd done on today's walk suggested it might be the same; a long walk on a forest trail, a climb over a shallow pass followed by a long trudge down the other side and a final climb up to the Falkenhutte. My information was right but it didn't do justice to the scenery. The second part after the pass was just wonderful. The horizon was a long line of jagged limestone peaks, scree underneath and then open alpine pasture populated with little herds of cows.
Karwendeltal Valley

Of course the weather, very hot and sunny, sets the scenery off.


For Christine however, on her first day, it was just too much. We were in the middle of a heated "discussion" about why her Alpine Club Membership Card was still on the table in Brighton when the path started to rise at a 45 degree angle in the searing heat. It was past noon and Christine was slowing down. About 200 metres from the Karwendelhaus, where cold drinks and apple strudel beckoned, Christine decided to stop. She had done all the hard work but was now in a strop. She dropped her bag on the floor and wasn't going any further.

Jochkreuz Pass

Seeing an opportunity I picked it up, walked the last two hundred metres carrying two bags, happy to give the impression that I carried them all the way. I arrived at the Hutte to resounding cheers like a returning gladiator.
Final climb to the Falkenhutte

Christine turned up a few minutes later and after a few litres of apple juice and soda returned to the land of the living.

The afternoon's walk was wonderful, got to the Falkenhutte by 5 and after further rehydration, this time with beer, Christine consumed her first wurst.

Another sausage


The Falkenhutte is yet another hutte in a fantastic location, perfectly perched on a pass with amazing views in every direction. It's packed, accessible by mountain bike - it plays host to a very diverse multi-age multinational clientele.

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