Indian Himalayan Grand Traverse - Day 5 - Rumtse

I'm not well, nor is Christine, but my guts are just a bit more violent.

Despite churning insides I managed to survive the journey in one of three mini-buses from Leh to Rumtse.  Shared the bus with Christine, Ralf (a German but long time resident of France) and Sven from Sweden.  Ralf is a university lecturer in Paris, something to do with computers but with a massive interest in European History.  I had retired to an audible book (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - brilliant) but Christine dragged me away and we were soon in a conversation with Ralf about the parallels and disjuntures between French and British history - the time and journey just flew by.

Arriving at Rumtse I retired to my tent (and book) while the others went on an acclimatisation walk.  I'm not getting any better.

I've had a poor start to my first night canvas.  Despite being empty my guts exploded again and I was "caught short" on the way to the toilet tent.  To complement the rain outside Christine's water bottle has leaked soaking the bottom of her sleeping bag.  Although complaining less than me she is not well.  To put the icing on the cake there is a dog out there and it's barking - will I ever get any sleep in India.

The good news is that Nick ("Dr Nick") has loaded me up with antibiotics and has given a name to my illness.  Dilip, the group leader, is also being incredibly kind.  I guess things can only get better.

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