Camiño Dos Faros Day 6

Day 6 marked a disappointing finish to my journey along the Camiño Dos Faros. When we woke up this morning the rain was pouring down and we had to make a decision to walk or not to walk. The last stage of the route is a hard one and at the time it looked like the weather was going to stay bad for the whole day. We decided to get a taxi to Fisterra and if the weather improved do some local walking from there before heading to Santiago del Compostela tomorrow.

Arriving in Fisterra by taxi felt like a huge anticlimax made worse by the number of hikers there who had completed their journey along the Camino de Santiago. We walked up to the lighthouse, where most of the visitors had arrived by coach, and tried without much enthusiasm to take a picture. It's a surprisingly difficult place to take a decent photograph.

Beyond the lighthouse there were the remnants of boots and other bits of walking gear that had been sacrificed by hikers completing their journey. Given the rain today getting a decent fire going would have been a challenge but it's a ritual I can relate to after finishing my E4 trip in Budapest. Not only was everything smelly, worn out and bleached by the sun, it was also too big.

After the lighthouse we returned to Fisterra guided for the last time by the green dots and arrows and then sat on the beach and watched the waves crash on rocks around the headland around the Cabo da Nave. Despite the best of intentions I just couldn't muster the energy to climb up to Veladoiro.

Although today was disappointing I've enjoyed my time in Galicia. It's been a challenge and once I get home I'll reflect on what I've learnt about the route and what I would do differently. One thing I should have done is build in more flexibility to the schedule. When I come again, and hopefully I will, I'll give myself a lot more time to complete the Camiño Dos Faros.

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