The Idea

I'm thinking of walking from Tarifa in Spain to Budapest in Hungry along the route of the euro path, the E4. In total it's about 5,500 kilometers. As far as I can tell no one has walked this far along the route so I might be the first to do it, hence the title of my Blog "Am I the First".

I don't mind if I'm not the first to actually walk the route because there are a number of things which I would like to try which are genuinely new and first time.

Perhaps the most important thing I would like to achieve is a collaboration. I would like family, friends, colleagues and hopefully lots of people I haven't met yet to help me do the walk. I would like to collaborate in its planning and execution including people actually joining me for parts of the walk.

I'm interested in Web 2 and Social Media. I push others to use it as part of my day job but to be honest I'm not an expert in its detailed application. I want to explore how social media can be used on a collaborative venture like this and develop my own Web 2 expertise.

The plan at the moment is to start from the Tarifa end in the spring of 2011 leaving about 18 months to get ready.


  1. Hi, I'm looking at doing a fairly similar trip as you - Bulgaria-Germany on the E4, then south through Switzerland and Italy to the tip of mainland Italy and across to Sardinia on the E1 and S1 trails. I am, however, having a lot of trouble accessing information of the route taken by each of the trails. I have emailed a few organisations regarding this, but have not received any detailed information. Would you be happy to let me in on the secret? Is there a map or detailed list of towns the trail passes through?
    I'm very impressed with the effort you have put in so far!!

  2. Hi Anika - thanks for your comment. Your walk looks brilliant.

    The only map I have (helpfully sent to me by the FFRP, the French national association) is the Carte des Sentiers Europeens published by Freytag & Berndt. It's very inspiring seeing the routes cross Europe but not that helpful for detailed planning.

    For the E4 it is possible to work out which national routes they follow - for example the GR7 in Spain - and then delve into the national sources on that route. In Spain there are detailed itineries - in France I have found a source which you can then download into Google Earth (which is brilliant by the way).

    So it's "pot luck" I'm afraid. Best of luck and keep in touch.