The best long distance footpath in the world?

Is the the E4 Euro Path the best long distance footpath in the world? Well it could be.

Starting on the Atlantic Coast and at the southern most tip of Spain (at Tarifa) you begin a journey that takes you through some of Europe's most stunning scenery.

You cross Andulucia through a series of national parks with a northern and southern option in the middle (the northern option takes you higher into the Sierra Nevadas while the southern one is closer to Granada).

The next section, Murcia, is about 300 Km long and takes you through the spine of the province, from west to east, and includes the landscapes of the Spanish high plateau and the fertile plain of river Segura.

The next section takes you north through Pais Valencia along 550 km trek inland but on a track which parallels the coast.

The final Spanish part of the E4 takes you through Catalonia, from Fredes in the south to La Seu D'Urgell in the Pyrenees. One guide suggests that the 367 km can be covered in 92 hours and 15 mins!

The French section is 1,100 km long and crosses three national parks (Haut Languedoc, Cevennes and Vercours), and southern park of the Massif Central, the Rhone Valley and then on into the French Alps, crossing into Switzerland.

The Swiss part of the walk takes you 300 km through the Jura Park, through limestone classic limestone and along 180km ridge walk known as the the Chemin des Crêtes du Jura, or Jura High Route. At From Dielsdorf, the E4 continues along S shores of Lake Constance via following settlements to village Rheineck at German borders. (150 km)

Through Austria the route follows the Alpine Route 1, high level for most of the way with glacier and other bits of challenging walking. As well as stunning scenery you get the chance to stay in Austrian Hutte, a fairly unique experience. The Austrian part of the walk is 1100 kilometres.

Still working out the extent of my ambition in Hungary. Could stop just north of Budapest or walk on the Hungarian border and complete E4 as far as it goes in western Europe. Either way you travel along the Blue Way which, for a Hungarian, is the No 1 walking experience.

So is this the best walk in the world and is walking it in one feasible or just a mad idea. Still got a lot of work to do on the route but at the moment its looking like 190 days walking.


  1. Hi,
    Have you walked the E4 route yourself? If yes, can you recommend a good guide book?
    I am hoping to walk the route in 2013 but I'm struggling to find a good guide book. The internet is limited it seems.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Hi RM

    Sorry to be so slow in coming back to you but have been away for a few days.

    I have walked the E4 from Tarifa to Budapest.

    There is no single guide available for the walk I'm afraid.

    I got my information mainly from the net and over the next couple of months will be updating the blog, possibly turning it into a web site, and this will be the best source of information available.

    Please come back to me if you have any more questions, or email me direct

  3. Hello, I´m considering doing the E4 from northern spain to the german border. How long would this take? i have a few weeks off from early february 212 to middle of april. thats a bit early isn´t it? thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Christian

      It took me 70 walking days to get from Tarragona to Bregenz which I guess would leave you just enough time.

      You would definitely be crossing the Pyrenees in the snow and the huts don't open until the end of May - a bit later might be better.

      My schedule is at

      Best wishes

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