Bridges burnt and initial plans

Well I have now burnt the bridge of employment (technically just on fire as I will still be working until August). This means that the biggest obstactle to the E4 walk, time, has now been removed and that, theoretically, I can do it.

Have got a lot more information on the walk, have plotted it on Google Earth (haven't worked how to publish it) and the detail of it makes it even more interesting. I should be able to work out a start date soon and when I expect to have arrived at key points along the way.

Based conversations so far, some objectives for the walk have started to emerge, namely:

• complete the walk - get from Tarifa to Budapest (although the option of the eastern Hungarian border has been suggested)
• build up a network of people interested in the route (and beyond Hungary) and want to participate at some level
• promote cultural activities associated with the route
• link communities
• build a resource which can be used after the walk has been finished (a web-site, a book)
• raising money for charity

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