E4 through Spain - missing miles

So based on the plan so far it looks like I can walk the Spanish section of the E4 in 69 days (thankfully it's not a race).  I say "plan so far" because there is a good chance that I have got (a) bits of it wrong and (b) will have to adjust it to fit in with available accommodation.

On the length of the route I have say that my calculation is a bit different to some of the others I have seen.  I make it about 1,860 kms whereas the European Ramblers Association Website has the number at 2,750.  Much of the difference is probably explained by the inclusion in the ERA figure of all the variants (for instance and extra 450 kms for both options in Andulucia) but there is still a gap.  Anyway if I'm right (I think I am) than the daily average is about 27 kms or 16 miles which sounds OK.

On accommodation there are 4 or 5 places where at the moment it looks less than straightforward. Perhaps the worst of the these are around Benali in Valencia and Segas in Catalonia - the other ones just involve leaving the trail.  None of this is enough to suggest to me that I have to carry a tent.  I want to be more specific on accommodation as I get nearer the walk - it would be nice to see if accommodation could play some part in the fund raising efforts for the walk.

I will need some rest days and at the moment I'm planning to spend a day at Alcala la Real on the northern stretch of the Andalusian GR7; a day and a night at Cazorla (which has a parador); a day and a night at Moratalla in Murcia and then go all the way to Morella in Castillon.  Walking to Morella will involve 23 days without a break and will take me through the more remote parts of Valencia.  After Morella the next rest day will be Tarrogona and then perhaps another stop at Montserrat 4 days later.  If I stick to this plan it would add another 4 days to the 69 and the walk through Spain will take a total of 73 days.

The plan is to start at the beginning of March and follow spring up through Spain.  If I start on March 1st at Tarifa than I should be in Puigcerda on the 13th of May.  As the 13th of May 2011 is a Friday than it will probably be a case of the best laid plans of mice and men etc ....

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  1. Dear John,

    Kilometers may be missing on paper, but they will certainly be there when you walk. Besides, you may get blisters, the flu or any other little inconvenience that disturbs your planning. What will you do when you cannot stick to your old scheme? Just shift to the next or overnext day? Or skip part of the trail and take a bus or train?
    One cause of delay may be lack of communication with the locals. Most people in Spain speak some of the five Spanish languages only; others add some French or Italian to that; but only a few intellectuals master English. So far, I miss a language course in Spanish in your planning. It could help you through the cold British winter and will make your visit to Spain so much more profitable!