Stage 6 - Catalonia (2) Montserrat to Puigcerda

If I have get this far, crossing the border from Spain to France is going to feel like a big deal.  No-where near half way, but walking across Spain will mean that I'll have something  substantial "under my belt" and will have demonstrated to myself that completing the work is feasible.  I should be really fit or totally knackered! 

Before I get to the border I need to complete the last section of the Spanish E4, the 158 kms from Montserrat to Puigcerda along the route of the GR4.  The first four days look straightforward but after that there are a couple of stiff days as you climb into the Pyrenees.  Day 6 looks particularly tough.

Day 1 involves an 8 hour walk to Pont de Vilomara from Montserrat.  It's a 28 kms walk with 500 metres of climb.  The walk takes you down a valley to San Vicente de Castellet, a town with all facilities (including a castle) and then onto Pont de Vilomara.  As the name suggests, the town has a significant bridge and accommodation.

Santa Maria de Cornet
Day 2 involves a 32 kms, 8 hour walk to Santa Maria de Cornet via Cabrianes.  Santa Maria de Cornet is a small Romanesque church but it looks like there is accommodation either at the nearby town of Salient or directly on the route ar Carretera de Balsareny a Avenyo (although this looks a bit expensive).

Day 3 involves a 7 hour 30 km walk to Sagas.  Sagas is a village with some pretty churches but so far I have not been able to find any accommodation.

The next day is a shorter walk to Barreda, 15 kms and 4 hours and there definitely is accommodation including an interesting looking "rural hotel".  I don't really want to have to combine days 3 and 4 because the last two days of the walk are challenging.

Day 5 involves a 1000m climb and a subsequent 400m drop to Sanctuari de Falgars at La Pobla de Lillet.  This is a small town with a really interesting looking mountain railway.  In my experience walkers are often train spotters (can't think why) and this train is the smallest in public use in Spain.  There is plenty of accommodation at La Pobla de Lillet.

Day 6 is the really tough walk and unavoidable I think because of the shortage of accommodation.  The first stage involves 1,200 metre climb up to the Coll de Pal before a further 200 metre climb to Coll de la Mola, after which you drop down 1,200 metres to Alp.  I think the walk will take about 9.5 hours.  Alp is a ski resort with plenty of accommodation.

The last day's walking in Spain involves a short two hour walk to Puigcarda and from there it's across the border to France

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