Hotel Support for the E4 Project

Have only just started to ask for support from hotels located along the E4 route and, so far, the response has been really encouraging. What I'm doing is emailing them, letting them know about the walk, and then asking them if they mind accommodating me free of charge.  Have only approached  hotels along the first couple of weeks of the trail and, so far, I have had positive responses from eight - so special thanks to:

The support is particularly welcome because a private sponsor has offered a 50 Euro contribution to the BNMT every time I get free accommodation.  I am of course hoping that everyone who makes use of the my E4 itinerary recognises how supportive these hoteliers have been and stays at their accommodation.    I'll also make sure that I provide a full report back on the facilities provided when I stay there -  they all look brilliant.

Hotel Castillo de Castellar

The Olive Branch

Hotel Rural Paloma

Casa Henrietta

Hostal Rafi

Casa Pernias


La Linda Tapada


  1. Great idea and super way to raise more funds for the charity!

  2. Great idea John about the hotels!

    I will be walking from Tarifa to UK heading via Chamonix this summer starting sometime during March.Perhaps we will meet! Having done a lot of long distance walks all over the world, I would think very carefully about what you expect to do on a daily average. I know some people knock off big numbers but my experience is that it nearly always leads to injury. It's tempting and easy to plan big daily averages when at home from the comfort of an armchair.I never set a target but just walk until dark or I'm tiered. I'm getting on a bit now myself (58) and I am sure if I were 20 again I would go at it hammer and tongs and try and do big miles but sometimes you miss so much that way. Just be realistio about your daily targets over what will be varied terrain, particularly in the Alpes. I wish you all the very best and I'm sure you will make it as you seem a positive and determined guy. I will be wild camping all the way (money situation not what it used to be) so if you see some bedraggled old 58 year old on the trail say hello, it will be me. I'm not planning to follow the E4/GR7 all the way just up to Andorra then I will be heading across into the alpes via GR6/GR4/GR5.

    Best of luck mate and well done for actually getting on and doing what most people just sit at home and only dream about.

    P.S. I've hiked a lot of the Alpes so if there is any info you need I will be happy to help if I can. Contact me at

    Very best of luck,
    Keith Sibley.

  3. Hi Keith

    Thanks for you support and advice.

    My daily average, excluding rest days, works out at about 17 and half miles - what do you think? Some long days, driven mainly by my desire to sleep indoors every night. Have tried to use Naismith's rule etc and yes have ended up with 2/3 12 hour days.

    My itinerary is attached to the earlier January blog. You can see where I'm supposed to be when. I'm starting on the 1st of March so you will have to catch me up!

    Best wishes


  4. Hi John

    I have walked a lot of European Long Distance paths and in the Alps and Pyrenees many times. I think an average of 17.5 miles is very high. I plan in the mountains on the basis of metres up and down rather than distance and start by 8am or 8.30am and earlier if starting from a mountain hut and finish by 4pm. When not in mountains I work on a 25km day from about 8am to 5pm. Consistently doing more than this can lead to injury and allows little leeway for problems causing delay along the way. Also you want to enjoy the route and not rush along.

    Hope this helps. Good luck. It will be fabulous. Colin Roberts

  5. Hi John,

    Checked out your itinery ( hadn't seen it before. I was comenting on your blog about 20-30 mile days). 17 miles a day don't sound too bad if thats what you have been doing at home regularly. But I know from experience that high daily milages can have a slow accummalative effect. So don't panic if your itinery starts's not an endurance test, it,s supposed to fun! You look fitter than me so perhaps you will keep it up all the way. Just remember that some days will be great and some will be bad when all you want to do is go home. These are the times to rest for a day and regharge those batteries. I have not doubt you will do it and it will be a fantastic achievement.

    At the moment it dosen't look like I will get away until later in March so it's doubtfull I will catch you. I will keep a copy of your itinery and if I look like I'm within striking distance I will try and find you. It would be great meet and have a glass of vino with you!

    Good luck and maybe see you somewhere along the trail.