Monday April 25th Moli l'Abad to Ulldecona

There is almost nothing to say about the walk today apart from the fact that I finished it.

Had a vague notion that having done much of the walk yesterday I would get to Ulldecona by lunch-time and then pressing onto Amposta in the afternoon gain myself a day. As it turned out I was suffering from the 54 kilometres I did yesterday, it ended up being a 20 kilometres road walk today, and by the time I got to Ulldecona at about 2.30 my feet were burning. Instead of walking on I found a nice hotel, the only hotel, had a nice lunch and then marinated in a bath for an hour or so.

Was supposed to find the GR 8 at La Senia, which was about 5 kilometres from Moli l'Abad. Well I'm sure it's there but I couldn't find it. There were some really good plans and signs outside the town hall but no reference to the GR8. There was an Olive Trail which took you to Ulldecona, which might have been the GR8, but given the rain and the mud I was happy to go with the road. Today was always going to be a transit day and I'm writing it off as that.

After constant mountains for the last two, almost three weeks, you might think that walking through some flat country would be a nice change. Well the pleasure was short-lived. Flat country around here means olive trees, citrus trees and pig farms, lots of pig farms. Not a lot happening in Ulldecona, nice castle on the hill outside the town, but the town itself a bit nondescript. The most interesting thing for me was the huge quarry just outside the town, was amazing to see how many different coloured sandstone you can dig out of same hole.

Tomorrow looks better and I have even worked out where the GR 92 is. Have a small mountain to climb and then it's a coastal trail all the way to Tarragona. With any luck it will stop raining and I can put my waterproofs away again.

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