Saturday 30th April Tarragona

My proper rest day since the start of the walk and Tarragona is a really nice place to stop. Definitely worth coming if your at all interested in Roman history but also if you like cosmopolitan Spain. I guess in Catalan terms Tarragona is very much the little brother of Barcelona but very nice almost because of that.

It is wonderfully positioned against the coast. The main thoroughfare, the Rambla Nova, runs through the centre of the city abruptly finishing at a cliff with great views of the Mediterranean. Around this cliff-top sits the old Roman city with some the ancient city walls still there. There is a collesium, which is outside the walls and what is described as the circus inside the walls. The circus, where they had the chariot racing is largely underneath the city, but you can still see the terracing at one end and the tunnels underground allowing access for the competitors. Looked very much like the dressing rooms at Wembley stadium, absolutely amazing.

To the dressing rooms

As well as resting up, spent much of the afternoon sorting out the itinerary for next week. It's not easy, there are long stretches along the route where the choice is very limited and because of the bank holiday week things are a busier than they were and a couple of places are booked up. Have got things sorted for the next three days at least.

Quite pleased with the picture. Think I have found Lionel Messi's Roman antecedent, Julio-Claudi, can't believe the Catalans haven't spotted it.

Lionel Messi

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  1. One option could be to leave most of your luggage in Tarragona and take public transport back to the city after walking. It is lighter, makes you less dependent, and is easier to organize. Assuming that there is a train running along the coast to the north, of course. Or at least a bus. Menno