Thursday 19th May Lagrasse to Carcassonne

From the prettiest village in France to Carcassonne a world heritage site. Trouble was there is a massive amount of walking in between and after walking in the heat for 10 and half hours, wandering briefly around the world heritage site, I rushed off to find a hotel and forget to even take a photograph.

Had got it my head that I would be going around the cliff and travelling along a valley, a long way but not much climbing so fast walking. Well the hour or so after leaving the prettiest village in France it was going to that plan when suddenly the path takes you of the road and straight up a really step path, climbing 400 metres to the top of the ridge. Although not so clear today there were still good views of the sea, the Pryennees and of course Canigou.

Leaving Lagrasse

Most of the ridge walks I've done over the last few days have behaved properly and left you up on the ridge. Unfortunately this one was the exception with a series of gorges cutting through the ridge at right angles meaning that you were not left up for long. I think I had to go up and down about 4 gorges which explains why I have ended up climbing 1600 metres as well as walking 38 kilometres.

It was also very hot. The wind has shifted from north and is now coming of the sea from the south so is warm and more humid. Today there was a lot of walking across limestone pavements, through brush, and up and down very pebbly paths, all tough in the heat.

I think part of the walk was along the Corbieres wine route so, when not on top of the ridge you were down amongst the vines and some lovely villages.


Medieval bridge at Monze

Anyway by the time I had trudged into Carcassonne I was knackered. To make matters worse I think I'm going to have to put in a mega walk tomorrow. Just can't find anywhere to stay anywhere near the trail between here and Mazemet which is 50 kilometres away. One of the reasons I didn't get any pictures of the Unesco world heritage site is that I had to rush of the get some food tomorrow before the shops shut. Plan is to get away really early.

Finally, to make matters even worse, my shoes are on their last legs. Although nothing is getting in, there is a split in one of the soles. Christine is bringing out a new pair (the third pair) next week but it's touch and go as to whether they will last that long.

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  1. Well, I wonder what you will do, but as I write this, your next blog is not yet in, so I have to guess the answer. You are probably still somewhere on your 50+ march.
    Anyway, what I would have done in your shoes:
    1. I would have taken a day of (cultural inte)rest in this breathtaking Carcassonne.
    2. I would then (tomorrow) have taken a taxi to about mid-way the mega-walk, to walk back with an almost empty backpack - maybe even on Teva trekking sandals instead of boots.
    3. I would subsequently (sunday) have taken a taxi to the same spot to walk on with a heavy backpack.
    But I think you are now far ahead of my counsel, so don't mind it.