Sunday July 3rd Vue des Alpes to Frinvillier

At last the mist above the Alps, which has been hanging around for the last five days or so, cleared and I could see right across the valley. I got to view the Alps from the Vue des Alpes.

Actually the hotel was pretty awful, had one of worse meals of the trip last night. The man on the organ in the corner playing a Procol Harum medley should have been a warning that the food might not be good but when the other customers, all Swiss, started singing along to Whiter Shade of Pale, I perhaps should have just asked for a sandwich.

Given the terrible food, and the mean breakfast, I decided not ask them to make me a sandwich, my original plan, and instead left as quickly as I could this morning with absolutely no food in my bag. The weather was perfect, the views were great, and I just knew I would find somewhere to eat along the way.

The first bit of the walk was along a ridge with views to the Alps. Mont Blanc was no longer facing me and was at the western end of the perspective and I think the Weisshorn and Dom des Mischabel, almost as high as Mont Blanc, now took centre stage (could easily be wrong about this).


The initial target was Mont Chasseral, just over 1600 metres, and to get there I had to drop down from my ridge, walk along a valley, and then climb up the ridge opposite. The valley was particularly nice, everything fresh and clean. The little village at the end of the valley, La Pacquir, is the birth place of the three times world champion skier, Didier Cuche, and his photograph was everywhere.


Found my lunch stop just before the final climb up to Chasseral and, after last night's Procol Harum ordeal a plateful of cured meat and cheese, and yodelling on the radio, restored my faith in authentic Swiss culture.

Apart from the amazing views Chasseral was a bit of a disappointment. It was very crowded, and the hotel, which is expensive, was being rebuilt. The distinctive feature is the huge telecommunications tower which dominates the skyline.


Carried on along the ridge enjoying the same amazing view of the Alps and then got confused about which route to take down to Frinvillier. I chose the wrong one and instead of staying high went down the slightly more suburban path. Not the end of the world but suspect I had to walk a little bit more on hard surfaces than would otherwise have been the case.

Alpine views - catch them if you can

This was a brilliant walk. Must admit I was starting to worry that the trail was becoming a bit suburban towards the end of yesterday but it kicked in again today and was just great. It was a big walk and by the time I got to Frinvillier I had clocked 36 kilometres and climbed 1,000 metres.

Staying at the brilliant Auberge des Gorges. Spent the evening chewing the fat, and drinking brandy, with the owner and his friend. Good day all round.

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