Day 14 Edelrauthutte

Looked out of the window at 6.45 and the weather looked as bad as ever - had we made the wrong decision yesterday? Within minutes however we saw our first glimpse of blue sky and within an hour or so the mist had gone and we had perfect weather for walking - cool and clear.
Descending from Pfitscherjoch Hutte
It was a great walk as well, but would have been difficult in cloud and we would have missed truly amazing views. It was also a tough walk - two big climbs including what I think will turn out to be the highest pass and the highest hutte.
Into the Zillertal Alps

It was cold when we set off and for the first time we had gloves on and fleeces. All this was soon abandoned as we started our first climb - a sort of double pass, firstly along a lovely green hanging valley and then up over the first pass into a higher dryer valley with glaciers at the end, and then up and over the 2644 metre pass at Gliderscharte.
Climbing the Gliederscharte (2,600 metres)

The views from the top of the pass were amazing; two glaciers emerging from a peak cover in fresh snow; the view down the scree we had been climbing for the last hour and a longer view back down to the valley towards the Pfitscherjoch Hutte and then huge views to the south with lines and lines of mountains.
Pfunderer valley

After a short relatively flat stretch, a beautiful high level path, it was a steep descent through summer pasture down towards Dun.
Christine and Bastien

Shared the walk with Bastien, a young German who was on the Munich-Venice trail, another blogger, and were joined by 7 goats who insisted on following us down. I was hoping Bastien would take them with him to Venice but instead they followed us up the hill.

Christine and her goats

Stopped for a late lunch at the Boden Alm, all home made food in a lovely old fashioned alpine farm. An interesting mix of food now - still plenty of dumplings but the sausages are giving way to pasta dishes.
Lake beneath Edelrautnutte

Then another long climb, well over 1200 metres, through some wonderful upland pastures. The goats had long left us for someone else and for company we now had slightly shyer marmots and and a pair of Ibex. Long long climb up to the hutte (2500 meters) but it was such a lovely evening there was no need to rush.

Edelrauthutte is small with few facilities but a very friendly place and good food - still to work out how to get a wash.

So a hard but good day, and perhaps the best so far.

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  1. Sounds like you're both having a great time, and the pics are beautiful Dad. I'll have to join you on one of these trips soon xxx