Day 13 Pfitscherjoch

Stuck at Pfitscherjoch. Had been anticipating bad weather for several days, it arrived today. Heavy rain through the night, thunder lightening, all gone in the morning but very low cloud, cold north wind and visibility down to a few metres.

Big decision in the morning, should we go or should we stay. Not easy, we had a tough walk ahead - my notes said "don't do this walk if you're not sure of the weather" but there was a general exodus from the hutte and staying was not exactly going to be fun. It also meant rearranging our schedule.

We stayed and the weather didn't start to improve until early evening. Had a good rest and luckily this is a very good hutte. I think we did the right thing, better weather tomorrow will provide a full vindication.

Interesting the number of the walkers on a trip that goes from Munich to Venice. Pfitscherjoch is a stop-over on the route and we met a group on the trip last night and there are another two groups on the same trip staying here tonight - surprisingly this is about the half way point.

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