Day 6 Scharnitz

After yesterday, today had to be a bit of an anti-climax, and it was. To be honest after three nights in huttes all I wanted was to get down to civilisation, have a shower and wash my clothes. I was in Scharnitz by 1 so all wishes met.

The first bit of walk, a relentless 1200 metre descent down to Gasse was excellent; really steep sided valley, so sheltered in places that, right down at the bottom, there were still patches of snow left from last winter. Passed the time of day with a German hammering his way up the hill, he kindly gave me the score for Tottenham's opening game of the season.
Long scree walk down from Meilerhutte

Looking up the Berglental Valley - snow at the bottom

Got a little bit confused with signs going through Gasse but was soon on my way up a thankfully low pass over to Scharnitz. It was incredibly hot and, perhaps suffering a bit after yesterday, all I wanted to do was arrive.

Sounds like Christine has had a trying journey but at least I'll be at the station to meet her.

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  1. John

    Just caught up with your blog days 3 plus. A few observations:
    1. Shame about your lightweight poles.Remember its quality that counts.
    2. Ha ha about Tottenhams defeat.At least West Ham didnt lose their opener (but I cant foretell the rest of the season) But at least I know they will NEVER get the atmosphere of Mo Farah going round for the 5km victory in the Olympics if WHUFC move into the stadium.
    3. I think I now know what may be causing my recurring foot problems. Seems I have dropped arches and pronation. So foot inserts seems the order of the day to deal with the achiles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. You dont know how lucky you are to not have any problems yet.

    Walk sounds fantastic and weather looks defintely better than last year.

  2. John. I would have brought my tent and sleeping bag and carriyng another 5 kilos on my back. I prefer spending the night far from the crowds and the night concert. Also it gives me certain independence for not being with the presure to arrive at a certain place and at a closing time.