Day 20 Neue Porze Hutte

Weird weather, cloudy on one side of a hill and clear on the other, misty but windy as well. Occasional dramatic views when the light improves but the weather is spoiling what would otherwise be an amazing walk.

Most of the people in the hutte this morning were walking the Carnic Way and on a similar schedule. So today everyone left between 8 and 9 and everyone was heading for Neue Porze Hutte.

Having lost some height to get down to the hutte last night we had to regain it first thing. Quite a big climb up to a pass and then to a summit at Pfannspitz (2678). Very windy and cold at the top with a group of older climbers trying to establish who had seniority. Paul, who is 67, found another walker in his mid seventies and one who had turned 80. All the walking along this stretch was along the old front line, trench on one side of the ridge, limited remains of buildings on the other. The ridge was narrow with the route going along the top, sometimes along the side, either way you needed a good head for heights.
Into the mist

Generally speaking we are walking across granite but just before we got to the Filmoor-Standschutzenhutte we have to walk the scree flank of huge outlier slab of Dolomite limestone, a dramatic feature and a dramatic walk.

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The Filmoor-Standschutzenhutte is tiny but serves great food. Unfortunately I was recovering from a dodgy stomach and gave what looked like really authentic food miss. Christine had the works.
On the scree from the Königswand

It rained while we were having lunch and was mistier than ever when we set off again. We had a long gentle descent across a wide and occassionally boggy valley. Paul spotted a lake and started to remove his clothes. After yesterday Christine had learnt her lesson and we carried on at a steady pace. Paul, butt naked, was in the water for fifteen seconds, later said it was wonderful but took him and hour to get the feeling back in his feet.

A gentle climb over a pass, a lovely high alpine plateau stretch and then a steep descent into another valley, contouring around to the hutte. It would have been brilliant if it hadn't been so cloudy.

Very nice hutte, showers really good drying room. Best of all Christine has somehow managed to get a room just for the two of us - Paul is in the big dorm. Big walk tomorrow and I don't think we will be as lucky with our accommodation.

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