Cycling in Kerala

And now for something completely different; I'm going cycling. This could be a mistake. Although I've got a bike, it rarely gets used. I've never gone further than 50km (did that for the first time last week) and the 50km a day schedule, I'm about to embark on is definitely a big 'step' into a physical unknown. I'm going to cycle in Kerala in India, a 14 day trip with Exodus. Christine, who has had about the same amount of bike time as me, is coming with me. After a month of gales on the south coast I can't wait to get some sun and, after last year's trip to Kashmir, I can't wait to get back to India.

The schedule looks fantastic. It includes 10 days actually in the saddle, averaging 50km per day with one day involving a 1600m ascent (36 hairpin bends). Billed as an 'exploration of India's tropical south' it covers a lot ground. Starting in Mysore we cross the Western Gnats and then head all the way down the coast almost to the southern tip of India. It could be amazing.

Accommodation will be hotels.  Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I'm hoping for WiFi. If the WiFi works I'll publish every day, otherwise it could be a couple of weeks before I can let you know whether or not this was a good idea.

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