Back from India

After two weeks in India, 10 days cycling 500kms and a wonderful blast of warm sunshine, I'm back to the gray skies of England in February.  Brighton Pier has changed its shape, but apart from that, and a lot of headlines about floods, it seems like I have never been away.  Shame I didn't stay in India for a month.

It was a great trip with lots of truly memorable moments.  The best thing however was the welcome we got from the people.  Lycra clad, not exactly youthful cyclists, attract huge amounts of very friendly interest in India and that alone made the trip a real joy.

I took pictures in a very lazy and slightly dangerous way as I was cycling along and, towards the end of the trip, some of them actually worked.  I'll be publishing my diary over the next few days, but as a taster, please have a look at the attached photo stream and let me know what you think. It's too long I know, but stick with it, it gets better at the end.

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  1. Great video John - looks like it was a fun cycle trip…everyone looks very happy and quite a few of the photos made me chuckle as well. A real sense of joy de vivre!