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Judging by the emails I'm getting, hikers from all over the world are making their way to Spain to walk the GR1 with the help of my guide book  Fingers crossed, I am of course totally confident will find their way,  agree with me that this is an amazing walk and come back making plans for their next trip to Spain.
On the GR1 to Paresotas
The guide is based on my style of walking and involves going from place to place and staying in local accommodation.  Historically, of course, the Spanish countryside was awash with locally run bars, restaurants, and hotels, but as the countryside emptied the purchasing power to support these facilities declined dramatically.  Some of those that remain are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and hopefully the business provided by GR1 walkers will make a small but valuable contribution to their survival.  Inevitably, however 'things change' and places close.  More optimistically new places open up or more likely as more people walk the route additional places to stay are found, places that despite my best efforts I missed.  It's amazing, but even in this day and age some 'hotels' in Spain keep their electronic footprint to the absolute minimum and exist despite not having email never mind a website.

The Hotel Restaurante Puente Romana
Although I check for openings and closures as often as I can the best source of information comes from people planning and walking the route and will be used to update this blog page. I'll also forward the information for Cicerone to include on their website.

Section 1 Stage 1

Getting to the start of the walk at the Puerto de Tarna is a challenge.  Staying somewhere the night before on the Asturian side of the pass is the recommended approach.  In addition to Rafael at Bezanes consider the Hotel Rurale Reciegos Agrotourismo at Campo de Caso which has its own website and can be booked on Booking.Com, or the Casa de Aldea Los Riegos at Balerda (which has a web site).

Section 1 Stage 2

In addition to the accommodation mentioned in the guide at Las Salas or Salamon consider the Centro de Tourismo Rural Vegalion which located to the south of Las Salas and can be found on Booking.Com.  Unfortunately the Hostal Las Pinta in Las Salas itself appears to be closed.

Section 1 Stage 4

Additional accommodation, a casa rural, the Carmargue, offering bed and breakfast has been spotted in San Martin de los Herros.

In addition to the hotels mentioned the Hostal Resbalon (979 870 612) at Cervera de Pisuerga can also be recommended.

Section 1 Stage 5

The website address and contact details for the hotel in Estalaya have changed - the website address is now and the phone number is 979 184 354

Section 2 Stage 2 

There are two bars in Puenteday

As an alternative to the accommodation mentioned at Salazar consider the Ana Maria Casa Rural at Cigüenza - (699 054 101) or the Hotel Plati at Villarcayo, a small town which is closer to the route than Medina de Pomar - the town mentioned in the text. The web address for the hotel is

Section 2 Stage 3

This Stage finishes as at Paresotas and the recommended accommodation is down the road at Oteo. Unfortunately, the kindly landlord of the little hotel there, the Los Perrichos, who gave me a lift to and from the GR1 has died and his widow has decided to close it.  An excellent alternative exists however in Quincoces de Yuso at the Hotel Restaurante Puente Romana.  Juan Holgado, my Spanish walking buddy, has stayed there and Juanma, the owner is looking forward to greeting GR1 walkers.  The hotel can be booked on or contacted directly on +34 947 19 40 89.  Juanma if not busy might be persuaded to give you a lift, but otherwise ring Pascual on +34 670 665 836 who for about 8 euros will come and pick you up in his taxi.  
Torre de Varona in Villanañe
Section 2 Stage 5

Thanks to Greg for letting me know that there is a campsite just off the route at Villanañe.  Villanañe is an interesting place to visit and like many Spanish campsites provides accommodation for non-campers in chalets - or as my wife calls them, garden sheds. Details can be found at .

Section 2 Stage 6
One of Fontecha's 2 towers

Accommodation wise, this is a challenging stretch of GR1.  The good news is that Greg has added the Hotel Durtzi in Sobrón to the options described in the guide.  Although still away of the route it is not as far Miranda de Ebro (7km versus 10km) and situated right in the middle of the spa town looks a pretty place.  When you get to Fontecha stick your thumb out and you'll soon get a lift, otherwise just head west along the road.
Approaching Bernedo
Section 2 Stage 7

In Mirando de Ebro the La Taberna Grande can now be added to the list of recommended hotels.

The restaurant mentioned in Armiñón, which is called the El Viso, is in the next village Estavillo, there is a sign to it in Armiñon

Section 3 Stage 2

The Golf Hotel at Urturi is listed an accommodation option if the casa rural in Bernedo is full. Although this is a modern hotel it is not currently listed as available on any of the usual booking sites and may have closed.  The best alternative is the Hotel Mendi Green in Bujanda but if you can stay in Bernedo you won't need to leave the route.

Section 3 Stage 6

The Hotel Merindad de Olite 948 740 735 has had a very positive review and can be added to the list of places to stage in Olite.

Section 4 Stage 1

Stephen had trouble finding accommodation at Ujue at the recommended El Chofer.  My latest information is that the bed and breakfast there doesn't open until after Easter.  There are Casa Rural alternatives,  for example the owners of this one have confirmed that they will accept single night bookings ((34) 699 027403)

Section 4 Stage 2

There is now a new hotel has opened at Gallipienzo Antiguo.  This is beautiful but semi-deserted village and staying there means that it's now possible for non-campers to stay on the route without having to walk 34km from Ujué to Sos del Rey Católico - it's a big improvement to this section of the GR1.  The hotel has only recently opened and is called Heredad Berugu. It does not have a website but bookings can be made by ringing +34 948 050 109.

Section 4 Stage 3

Biel: the phone number in the guide for the Albergue only works for office, try also 639774117

Section 4 Stage 5

Agüero has a camp site

A recent visitor heard that both the bar and the Hostal la Costera in Agüero had closed.

In addition to the accommodation already listed for Murillo Gállego La Casona de la Reina Berta 628 096 262  has had some good reviews and the owner is a GR1 enthusiast. 

Section 5 Stage 2

Bolea - Albergue A Gargalé has closed down. There is an albergue for St James Way pilgrims. Theoretically you need to carry a "credencial' to use it but staying there shouldn't be a problem if its not full.

Section 5 Stage 3

The  Hostal Migalón is called "Barbacana" - it's still wonderful

Section 5 Stage 6

The number for the booking office at the Ligüerre de Cinca is 974 500 800 - when I went there I was able to book in at the hotel but more recent visitors who had not booked in advance were told that they had to go to the booking office which was 2 kms down the road.  

It has recently been confirmed that at the weekends the Ligüerre de Cinca is a wedding venue but accommodation in little bungalows (really large garden sheds) is available on the nearby campsite. Watch out though, food can be problem.

Section 5 Stage 7

The phone number and web address for the Casa Puyuelo listed in the guide is wrong and refers to another casa rural with the same name 20kms or so to the north.  The correct Casa Puyuelo is however listed on at Tierrantona and is described.

Section 5 Stage 3

The telephone number for the Hostal Migalón at Arguis (the reviews continue to be very favourable) is now +39 974 272 062.

Section 7 Stage 4

Additional accommodation in Sant Pau de Segúries can be found at Habitacion Aurora at 972 747 100.

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