On the GR1 with Rebecca and Barry

Rebecca and Barry are zooming along the GR1 as I write, heading from east to west and have now completed Stage 7.  Lovely to get their feedback - very helpful - and the pictures bring back great memories of Spain.  I remember Kin from my last trip.  Christine and I were the only guests, but she still made us welcome and prepared the most wonderful food.  You can follow their progress by going to this link.  All the pictures in this blog are from Rebecca and Barry.

"We've just reached Gironella after 10 walking days from the coast. We are charmed by the GR1 so far and the best is still to come - heading into the Sierra de Cadi next. Your GPS route track and the Viewranger map tiles (which were preselected for me by the app and which I downloaded before we left) have been excellent and invaluable. Walking against the guidebook, and with some very sketchy waymarking, it would have been a nightmare trying to navigate without it. There have been a couple of re-routes since your track, but nothing major. Walking with a GPS which records our progress and mileage in real time has been a revelation to me - although I am still a bit worried about such reliance on fallible technology!

On the bridge at Besalú

The Pont del Llierca

Canyon Country

Getting away early

Sant Marti de Vinyoles

So, we are celebrating with coffee and croissants in Gironella on this cold and misty morning. We have mostly camped wild but, on your recommendation in the guidebook, spent two days in FondaPrimitiva in Lluca to escape rain- and what a lovely place it was! Owner Kin was especially kind. Trying to comprehend the whole route still ahead is impossible, we're taking it one day at a time. The only real downside so far has been the dogs (which I know you mention in the book). Most are OK, if a bit intimidating, but we have had a few 'loose' individuals that have spiced things up! It is a slight worry to know what to expect, I don't think folk with a dog-phobia would cope.

Anyway, can't hang around too long there's walking to do"

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  1. Hope you guys have a great time. Your packs look heavy to me!