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It's her indoors and it's only four and a bit weeks to blast off. I have to confess, I'm the kind of person who likes to be busy and I'm not exactly what you would call 'reflective'. So the prospect of John being away from the beginning of March until mid September is only just starting to sink in.

On the E4 in Austria
How will I fix those electrical goods when they conk out? How quickly will I feel terribly lonely? Will I recognise the hairy monster when I go out to join him on the walk? And the biggest one of all - how will we both feel at the end of it: is he going to be a different person? Will we click back together?

Clinging onto the E4 in Austria
One thing I do know. John's embarking on a wonderful adventure and I'm dead jealous. I'm also just a bit cross that he insisted on doing this in 2011 rather than wait till I was ready to abandon work and come with him. My initial theory as to his motives was that this was his way to stop me nagging him to 'do something'. But I now believe that he really wants to test himself and do this huge scary thing, and have the experience after to savour and share. And that's why I'm jealous.

An Austrian E4 meadow
Perhaps its as well I'm not joining him. I've just had my knee done and the Doc reckons I'm down to the last scrapings of cartilage in places. This salutary reminder of the ageing process suggests I'd be wise not to try this particular 5000k.

While John's away I am planning a number of displacement activities to keep me going - decorating the room in Hove which I hate (and which we argue about); knitting stuff for first grandchild due in June; having friends down for weekends and doing girlie stuff; getting that wetsuit out and swimming every weekend. But that won't stop me missing him.

So I shall be following the adventure through John's blog, just like everyone else. I've got my first 3 trips out to join him in Spain fixed, and am keen to get other slots firmed up. And be warned - I would really like to have him to myself when I go out, so please John mark the dates in red or something.


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