Support from Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris on Cleopatra

"I wish John Hayes the very best of luck for his attempt to be the first person to walk the trans-Europe E4 route in one go. Tarifa to Budapest looks like an epic trip.  John is trying to raise money for a really important Britain Nepal Medical Trust project and deserves all the support he can get".

Getting slightly apprehensive as the departure deadline approaches so support from Britain's best known mountaineer is a real fillip.  Sir Chris Bonington's record of achievement, including numerous first time ascents, is inspirational and his support for my project is a great honour. 


  1. All sounds wondereful. I see you plan to have guests walkers with you and I wondered if you had any spare places while in Valencia. I would be most interested in joining you, I live there, and would like to contact you?

  2. Sounds great, please feel to join me. The planned schedule for the walk is attached to the January blog but it would probably make sense to contact me via email as I get closer to the walk through Valencia to see if I'm still on plan. My wife will be joining me for the walk from Montanejos through to Morella.