Final I packed my bag..

Well it's too late to worry now.  Flight's are booked, deposits on hotels have been paid and friends have even scheduled holidays to come and join me.  I have even made the decisions on what I'm going to wear and what I'm going to carry.

Firstly special thanks to Berghaus, Inov-8 and Osprey who between them have kitted me out.  180 days constant use will be a pretty extreme test of their gear and I know they are keen to see how it does.

In the world of walking footwear is perhaps the most controversial thing.  Well I'm not going totally bare foot but I am going very light weight and taking two pairs of Inov-8 trainers, the Inov-8 Terroc 330 and the 345 GTX.  I am already convinced that light footwear is best, particularly for this type of walking, and my only question mark is its longevity.  Taking two pairs is insurance against things falling apart but will also mean I will be able to change footwear in the evening. 

Nearly all my clothing is Berghaus.  I'm taking GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell Overtrousers;  Dru Stretch GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shell Jacket; 2 pairs of Terrain zip off convertible trousers (hoping for maximum zip off) and a pair of Berghaus shorts; 4 T-shirts with argentium technology to prevent the smell (fat chance), one with long sleeves; and one Brenta Microfleece half zip top.  Apart from socks (4 pairs) all fabrics are synthetic, very easy to wash and very quick to dry.

I have already talked about my Osprey Exos 46 bag but I'm also taking an Osprey 3 litre Hyproform water reservoir (has a really neat magnet to keep the mouth piece in place) and their water proof cover.  Really worried about getting stuff wet so have go a couple of fold dry bags as well.

Other items of course include hat, gloves and walking sticks.  Always struggled with hats but at the moment I'm wearing a East German Army issue forage cap which at least is different. On sticks I have bought at pair of Fizan Compact which were both relatively cheap and very light.  

On the electronics I'm taking my Iphone and an Ipad.  The Ipad is probably a bit mad (adds about 800 grams) but it means I will be able to use it to read i-books and perhaps even watch a film.  It also provides some resilience in terms of GPS because I'll be able to use it as back-up to the Iphone which is going to be my main means of navigation.  Will do another blog on navigation although it is now too late to change my navigation approach.

Nearly all my overnight stops will allow me to recharge my electronics (just a couple of places where this might not be possible).  To supplement the Iphone battery I have bought a New Trent Iphone case, which both protects the Iphone and massively extends its battery life. I have also bought an additional Trent battery pack.  Have tested the Iphone and have been able to get 10 hours from it both listening to stuff and tracking my route. Everything charges of the same Apple charger although I will need a separate charger for my Panasonic Linux camera.

Based on the scales in my kitchen and excluding water and food I will be carrying just under 5 kilograms in my bag.  Food and water will add another 4 kilograms to this so I will starting each day with just shy of 20 lbs on my back.  



  1. Good luck John. Myself and other former colleagues will be following your blog. I have every faith in your ability to succeed with such a task and well done for doing it for such a good cause.

  2. Hi Cheryl, really nice to hear from you. Thanks ever so much for your support, it really makes a difference.

    Best wishes


  3. John
    You do not need 4 pairs of socks....