25th of February - departure minus three.

Less than three days to go, feeling very apprehensive.  It is a good job I've made so many commitments, without them I'd be staying at home.

The list of things I'm going to miss just gets longer, including some really important and exciting family things.  I'm also going to miss the "mighty Spurs" end of season run-in and the last six episodes of " The Killing".  Why am I doing this!

The good news is that the weather looks great in Tarifa.  I know the weather can still be unsettled in March and that it can be very wet - nice weather at the start of the walk would be a real bonus.

The bad news is that my bag has got heavier.  With all the bits and bobs it is now pretty full and 45 litres no longer seems excessive.  I guess I could drop the spare pair of Inov-8s for the first month, they don't weigh much but they take up a lot of room.

Going to the River Cafe tonight, having a leaving do in a pub in London on Saturday, and then a quite day with Christine on Sunday.  Monday, involves a 7 o'clock flight to Gibraltar,  a couple of buses just down the road to Tarifa and then I start. 


  1. Exciting, nice that I found your site - going to be exciting to follow along!

    Drop the spare shoes, you likely won't wear out the ones you're wearing in one month =) Allows you to have some extra space for fruits, chocolate bars, nuts and water!

  2. John - best of luck. Just read the article in the Argus.

  3. We'll be following you. Not literally you'll be glad to hear. Let us know when it will be a good time for us to join you for a few days in July or August. It must be on nice flat bits with 5 star hotels, gourmet restaurants and first class retail opportunities. We hope you won't mind carrying a few extra bags but it will only be for a few days.

    Good luck!

    Lots of love

    Julie and Sid

  4. Julie and Sid, see you in the Austrian mountain huts. I think the gourmet food you're thinking of is the mega slices of fried spam with fried egg on top sitting on a bed of reconstituted mash potatoes - delicious.

  5. John - best of luck as you set off on your epic trek - be aware, you are our distraction in the midst of the 're-organisation' madness.....keep just putting one foot in front of the other... as for the footie, well Birmigham beat the Arse!! Happiness for us all! Siobhan

  6. And you are off! Good send off party and now down to the serious stuff at hand. Look forward to hearing your next update and hope the weather is good for you in Spain.