Well I have arrived and I have done a bit of walking.

Apart from my Lidl experience it has been a good day.

I got to Tarifa in really good time. Straight of the plane, my rucksack was the third item on the conveyor, and then down the road and onto a bus to Tarifa. Absolutely perfect day, clear sky but a breeze which kept it was nice and fresh.

What I didn't know is that today is Andalucia day, a bank holiday, and all the shops are shut. Because I didn't know, I went on a wild goose chase following signs to Lidl. The signs were confusing and when after about a hour I eventually found myself in the Lidl car park I was the only one there. Thought it was something to do with thesiesta but no it turns out every thing is shut.Also shut was the island of Tarifa, connected to the mainland by a causeway, and technically the most southern bit of Spain. Because I couldn't get in so I started my walk at its gates.

Although Tarifa looked like a nice place, apart from the Lidl car park, I'm actually staying about 7 kilometres along the trail at the end of the beach at a small, but on bank holiday Monday, very busy surfing hotel. Tarifa is particularly famous for its wind and kite surfing and today there was a least 100 people flying about, it looked great.

The final thing that struck me is just how close Tarifa is to Africa. Tarifa is the point along the coast where the Mediterranean ends and Atlantic begins but with everything so green at the moment it could be a large Scottish loch rather than a sea crossing. Looking back to Tarifa, across the huge beach, the mountains you see behind the town are in Africa.


  1. Hı John - Great to see you have had a good start. could you post the name of the accomodatıon you stay at so we can track them as i am headıng on the E4 myself later ın the year, Susan

  2. Hi Susan, I'm staying at the Arte Vida hotel

  3. Glad you got there ok. Typical Hayes to not realise it was Andalucia Day! The Lidl in Camden is actually amazing - shame they're not so good there (or at least open).

    Good luck tomorrow!


  4. Hi John

    Have you heard Radio Tarifa?
    If not see: www.youtube.com/artist/Radio_Tarifa?feature=watch

    Mind those wild dogs!

  5. Great John. Nice fellow you are and an adventourous one. When I ran into you on the tarmac I thought "here comes a british explorer of a kind".
    Do not forget "need something in Spain "call Juan inmediately".
    Take care of the "toros bravos" and stay in Ronda for a full visit.

  6. Great to hear you've had such a good start, John - the first days are always the hardest on these long walks ... and you've had some seriously long days at the beginning.

    We shall follow with great interest as we amble along in your footsteps leaving Tarifa on March 30th. Have you booked accommodation in advance? We are finding it very hard to do so. Any details on good places to stay would be welcome.

    Very best wishes from Ivan and Sue ( struggling to come to terms with avoiding anonymity in postings!!!!!! )

  7. Such a good idea to break the long first day in the guide book into two by walking up the beach and staying in one of those hotels ... and allows you to soak up the beauty of that beach and the closeness of Africa.