Day 2 Tarifa to Los Barrios

Hannah my daughter commented on yesterday's blog that it was typical of a Hayes not to know it was the Andalucian bank holiday; a bit hard but she has a point. We are a bit forgetful and in particular, often miss the obvious. Had a case of that this morning when I looked at my iPad clock and, because I hadn't changed it from UK time, didn't notice it was an hour late. So despite having persuaded the hotel to do an early breakfast, I didn't actually leave until 10am a bit late for a 35 kilometre walk. In the end I arrived at Los Barrios at 7.15pm, which given that they don't serve dinner until 9, wasn't a problem.

Great walk through a large natural park with a cork forest. Loads of wild life, in particular birds, and there was a large party of birdwatchers along the route. Everything is very green and the weather, which remains sunny, shows everything at its very best. A lot of wind turbines in the first third of the walk - not everyone's cup of tea.

The only moan I have is that the paths, although not metalled, are made to be accessible by vehicles. It wasn't that I saw many, I saw a couple, it's just they they are a bit hard underfoot. The last bit, into Los Barrios, was 6 kilometres along a road proper and my feet were on fire by the time I got to the hotel.

I am knackered tonight but critically have no blisters on my feet. Have another long day tomorrow, with a brilliant hotel at the end of it, and then it's a short day. I'm trying not to think about the whole walk, it's just too scary. I'm going to "take one day at a time".


  1. Hi John,

    nice to see that you start your great trip well ... Wish you strong legs, faith to your heart and never-ending optimism to your mind. So just 4 965 km left for this year ... :-) Don´t worry, after few days you will turn back and see and only will say wowwww, I am here ... :-) It is great what are you doing. I am looking forward to follow your steps in a few weeks.
    Just finished mu 3 weeks walking on Madeira and going back to Lisboa and heading south, but I guess need one month or more to reach Tarifa.

    Let the God help you on your way ...

    With Peace and Light ....


  2. Hey John... Hope everything is going well. The pictures look very enticing... especially that beach! Looking forward to Harry and I coming out at some point on the trail by which time you will be seriously leathery ;) ha ha! Take care... keep on walking!

    C xxxx

  3. Bank Holiday? ATMs (money dispensers) do not take holidays. Or did you forget your bank card? That would be a reason to fly back home and collect it. I hope not, for you and for us - we want to read about Spain. Menno

  4. Agree about the track and road walking particularly towards the end of the day. We tried to find the attractive route in the guidebook across fields towards the end but had to give up after 40 minutes or so.