Sunday May 8th Borreda to La Pobla de Lillet

After yesterday I wasn't really expecting much from today but it has been a good one.

Borreda looks a really nice mountain town although I was slightly ripped of in the place I stayed at. It's perhaps just a bit in-between in terms of seasons and a lot of places haven't opened up yet and even those that have are not really geared up. The place I was hoping to stay tonight wasn't open but some brilliant work by the back-office team in the UK found me somewhere else, booked it, and it has all worked out fine.

Anyway got away nice and early after a good breakfast. It was drizzling and everything was very wet after yesterday's rain and my feet were soon soaking. Was able to follow the GR signs for about 20 minutes before I lost them and made my own way. Then they turned up again and were actually good for the rest of the day.

It was just an excellent walk. Not sure when I move from the foothills of the Pyrenees to the actual Pyrenees but today I climbed up to nearly 1700 metres. Some great views south and I sure I was looking at the Montserrat range but a few clouds obscured the serrated profile. It was the same rock, with the large pebbles in it, as I saw at Monserrat.

Looking south from Les Pilones

Sant Romà de la Clusa
It is just the best time be walking through trees. Today there was a real mix of deciduous and coniferous trees presenting a whole range of different shades of green. A one point I was walking through a hill side of solid beech trees whose leaves could only have been out for days, absolutely wonderful.

Spring Growth

Through the Forest

So one more solid day of walking in Spain and then a day's rest before crossing the border. Tomorrow's walk is a really tough one. I'm at about 900 metres at the moment. From here it's a non-stop climb up to the Coll de Pall which is 2100 metres, then down to 1900 metres then up again to the Coll de la Mola which is 2300 metres. Going for an early start in the morning.


  1. There you are, near finishing your walking throughout Spain. Yesterday you crossed the GR1 which I have walked recently and tomorrow you will cross the GR11 that also I have walked and in France the GR10 another long walking trail I do have finished from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean one. Nice places you will see next days. Enjoy the walking and be sure I will follow your "steps".
    Good walk and come again to Spain. Be sure to receive my help whenever you need it.

  2. Juan
    You've been a wonderful friend to John as he's walked through Spain, with all your advice and encouragement. I do hope you continue to follow his progress and go on posting comments through the trials and tribulations of the next 4 months.
    I think Spain has turned out to be a lot bigger and emptier than expected. You have some wonderful walking: but its been interesting how very few other walker's John has seen during the last 10 weeks.
    I'd love to do the Atlantic to Med route: where does it start from?
    Best regards

  3. Dear Christine. There are two walking routes, the GR11 which is a mountain crossing of the Pirynees from Irun in the basque coast near the french frontier and finishes in the Cap de Creus in the mediterranean coast in Girona.
    The other one is the GR1 starting in Finisterre in the atlantic coast in Coruña and finishes in Empuries (Girona) but it is only waymarked from Leon in a 1.300k walk. I can send you a long comment writen by Clive Tapsel an australian friend just to have a complete view of the beautiful panoramas the GR1 passes by.

  4. Juan
    yes please, do lease e mail me any info you have on GR1 plus Clive's comment, to

  5. Juan and Christine, do not forget that on the French side of the border there are the French GR10 and the Grande Randonnée des Hauts-Pyrenées (not numbered as far as I know). Try the website of FFRP. Or those splendid maps published by IGN.

  6. Hi Menno. Thanks for your advice. I have already nearly 20 IGN maps which I needed for my long trip through the french Pyrenees from Hendaye to Banyuls sur Mer on a marvellous 800k walk that I will not forget.