Friday August 5. Ebensee to Habernau

Guest blog by Christine
After days of up and downs, today was a doodle. Quite a long doodle but relatively painless.

We made the most of what the Hotel Post had to offer at breakfast and left around 8.15am hardly able to move. The trail took us up past waterfalls and then on along southerly stretch on a forest road, peaceful but a little dull. The weather was hot and humid so the shade from trees was welcome.

Going up the steep bit past the waterfall I noticed my left knee really hurt. I was behind John so he didn't see me hobbling up. It got worse as the day went on.

To the east of Ebensee

Footpaths everywhere

Anyway, we got to a beautiful unspoilt shallow lake at Offensee around 12.30 and I went for a swim. Gorgeous. We ate our lunch then set off again.


We knew we had to go up, out of the valley and over the watershed into the next one, but found ourselves following a steep bed of uphill scree which seemed to have been dumped by storm water earlier in the year. It reminded me of the high mountain valleys of Nepal. We lost the red and white signs for a bit but John managed to sniff them out and we were back on the main path, climbing steeply up (me hobbling), to cross the top and then descend a long but gentle forest road to Almsee. We stopped at the charming Deutsche Haus for tea and cake overlooking Almsee, the shallowest lake in Austria surrounded by towering mountain peaks.


Suitably fortified we proceeded down the road to our hotel (very posh) at Habernau.
A 32 kilometre day, but relatively civilised.

So my knee is dodgy. John is questioning whether or not it's safe for me to continue with the last 8 or 9 days of Alpine walking when I'm saying I can go up but not (fast) down. Have gone through the rest of the itinerary and it may not be as bad as what we've already done. Going to give it another day and then see.


  1. I pray for the recovering of your knee Christine. Best wishes and keep going.

  2. Hi Juan

    Christine asked me to pass on her thanks.

    We are just about to start to some exciting looking walking so it would be a great shame if she was to miss it