Monday August 1st Faistenau to Schafberg

It's 10 past 8 and Christine is claiming that it's time to go to bed. Maybe we have overdone it a bit, particularly if the sighs, groans and moans are anything to go by. Suspect that the last three hours of the walk may have something to do with it as we climbed a straight 1400 metres up to Schafberg having already walked 20 kilometres from Faistenau. Poor Christine, just before we started what was one of the toughest climbs of the whole E4 walk, she managed to get stung by a bee in Winkl.

Tonight we're staying in the Hotel Schafbergspitz, not exactly a boutique hotel but a haus with an amazing location. It's right on top of a sharp ridge at nearly 1800 metres. I keep having to dash out onto the balcony to catch yet another amazing view as the sun, clouds and mist reconfigure to present new views of lakes below and mountains in the distance. One of the lessons learnt from this walk is to be more careful about choosing the precise location of the accommodation. Tonight we struck gold.

The weather has been OK today, good but far from perfect as still too humid.

Leaving Faistenau just after 8, onto the right route almost immediately, the first part of the day involved a 300 metre climb up over the ridge into the next valley and down to Fuschl. Stopped at a little lake on the way down before a more serious stop for mid morning strudel at Fuschl overlooking the lake.

Lake to the east of Faistenau


Took us ages to find the right route out of Fuschl but eventually we were walking along the valley which links to the next lake and St Gilgen. The walk gets a bit complex at this point as it struggles to keep you high above the town and avoid the drop down to the lake. Some interesting cliffs and lots of very young climbers were practicing their techniques high above us.

Looking down to St Gilgen

After all the ins and outs through the cliffs and the trees you still end up dropping down to Winkl. Perhaps just as well for us the top of the Schalberg was in the clouds but Christine's bee sting already meant that she had something else to think about other than the climb.

The climb itself was on a good path even if it was a bit unrelenting. Seemed to be the only people going up as everyone else had caught the steam train to the top and was walking down. Once you break through the tree line the top is still a 400 metre climb and the last bit, as usual was the steepest.

Climbing up to Schafberg

Started the climb at 2.45 and were drinking beer at 5.30 in the hotel. My GPS measured the climb at just over 1400 metres from Winkl to the top and we had a 15 minute stop for boot removal half way up. I suspect that for the day as a whole we climbed over 2,000 metres and walked about 25 kilometres. Much shorter downhill walk tomorrow and should have enough time for a swim in the lake.

Sun set from Schafberg

PS from Christine
I was standing under a tree in Winkl minding my own business when a bee dropped onto my eye. Unable to prevent the reflex action to brush it off, I goaded the thing into stinging me.

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  1. another bee incident - for which i feel total responsibility on behalf of beekeepers everywhere. sorry to hear about the location of the sting Christine - not nice at all. i had one on the upper eyelid and looked like a cross between the elephant man and Herman Munster for a few days. - bests Peter W