Wednesday August 24th Hosszuperreszteg to Sumeg

Another absolutely scorching day. I think it's hot even by Hungarian standards, there is some talk that it might get cooler but not until next week! It's right up there in the high 90s - never walked such long days in such heat.

Despite the sun today's walk went OK. The hotel I was staying in was about 2 kilometres of the trail so I think the whole walk was about 37 kilometres. Started walking about 7.45 and finished at about 4.30 which seems about right for the distance and better than yesterday. Heat rash has gone so nothing trip threatening at the moment.

Getting some great comments from Hungarian readers of the blog. One of them had worked out where I was last night and was able to tell me follow the blue box signs back to the trail. Hadn't noticed these before but they worked a treat. Also pointed me to the Hungarian Tourist Website where, if I had known, I could have downloaded a map base with the route for free. Trouble was, when I was doing my research last year, I got such excellent information on the route, compared to what you get in other countries, that didn't think to look a bit harder. You Hungarians don't know how lucky you are getting access to such maps - in the UK the equivalent costs a small fortune.

Once I was back on the trail the first milestone were the Lake of Szejk, 5 kilometres from Hosszuperreszteg. Not sure how the lakes have come about but there a long narrow feature right in the middle of the forest. There a big campsite at one end with a Gasthof so I guess I could have stayed there.

Lake at Szajk

There was a sign at the campsite, near the footpath, which said Sumeg 30 kilometres, and from that point I was in the forest for about 4 and a half hours. I have already mentioned how weird it is just following a trail, no map, like being in a maze with signs but with no real idea when the maze is going to end. For all those hours the only non forest features was an occasional bit of road walking and the crossing, via a road bridge, of a railway line. Given the sun, walking in the shade was actually good news and at least the trees are oak, ash and beech rather than endless pine or "German trees" as the French call them.

One tree had on it a stamping point for those walkers wanting to authenticate their Blue Walk trip.

Blue Route Stamping Point

At about 2.30 the forest spat me out onto a road and in the distance I got my first encouraging sight of the castle which sits above Sumeg. I was now in the sun and within minutes was missing the trees. The route seemed to meander its way towards Sumeg but on the final approach it went with the road straight into town. Hungarian drivers don't take prisoners, they drive fast, and that bit of walk was not pleasant.

Approaching Sumeg

The only accommodation I had been able to find on the Internet was a big and fairly expensive spa hotel. Decided to take pot luck and see what else I could find and this time it worked. A nice family hotel right in the middle of town. They speak English and have agreed to make me a packed breakfast - going to make a six o'clock start in the morning to try and beat as much of the heat as possible.

The only downside of the hotel is that it doesn't seem to have wifi so I can't publish my blog. One the Hungarian commentators suggested that I list the places I intend to stay at and tap into some local knowledge. Starting on Friday my schedule is as follows:

Friday 26th. Tapolca
Saturday 27th. Szentbakkalla
Sunday 28th Nagvvazsony
Monday 29th Bakonbel
Tuesday 30th Zirc
Wednesday 31st Fehervarcsurgo
Thursday 1st Kohanyaspuzta
Friday 2nd. Koldusszalles
Saturday 3rd Mogyorosbanya
Sunday 4th Piliscev
Monday 5th. Budapest
Tuesday 6th. London

Would be really grateful for help on all of the above, although you don't need to worry about Budapest and London!

I particularly struggled with Koldusszalles and expect to have to stay in Tatabanya, and Mogyorosbanya. Must admit not knowing Hungary I was a bit surprised that accommodation seemed to get harder as you get nearer Budapest.

Would be incredibly grateful for any help. If you have a suggestion, than please either leave a comment or send me an email - the email address is For comments I'm dependent on wifi access, which I suspect will get more difficult next week, so email might be better. Alternatively you can send me a text on 0771 757 2645, that's a UK number.

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  1. Tapolca - city - you will surely find accomodation there, as well as wifi access, even on the main street of the town. Recommended one by blue tour walkers: "Monica guesthouse". Address: Vörösmarty street 32., GPS: N46 53.054 E17 26.668, phone: +36 87411932. (possibly english speaking) email: , web:

    Szentbékkálla - village - lot of apartments - Napraforgó Turistaszálló (sunflower tourists house) - Kossuth street 15., gps: N46 53.218 E17 33.827,, , +36 70 3189992 (language??).

    Nagvvazsony - village - lot of apartments near to the castle - Vázsonyvölgy étterem és panzió (Vázsony-valley restaurant and guest house), Sorhaz street 2., N46 59.015 E17 41.971

    Bakonybél - village - lot of apartments - Vadszőlő szálló és étterem (wild grapes hotel and restaurant), Fürdő street 45., N47 15.382 E17 43.190, +36 305751564, (language??),

    Zirc - city - lot of apartments - Jeskó panzió (guest house and restaurant), Kossuth Lajos street. 28., N47 15.544 E17 52.503,, +36 306313208,,

    Fehervarcsurgo - village - Becsali kocsma (pub, and guest house. outside of the village, near to the lake, the Blue-tour Stamp is there also), N47 16.835 E18 15.491. Or the "Karolyi Kastely" (castle hotel and restaurant), +36 22 578 080,, ,

    Kohanyaspuszta - very small village - try "Steinau Vendégház" (guests house, at the blue tour stamp) - N47 26.594 E18 23.433 - +36 209582040,,
    if there is no accomodation go +5 km to Várgesztes - village, few guest houses - Várgesztes Vár (the castle - tourists guest house and restaurant) -,, +36 209411555

    Koldusszallas - hard thing, but may be possible...there is private house for hunters owned by the forestry, not public. N47 34.950 E18 27.231, +36 34331431, +36 34710330.

    Mogyorósbánya - village - Club Leonardo Étterem és Panzió (restaurant and guest house) - Felszabadulás street 68. , N47 43.627 E18 36.161, +36 33488046,,

    Piliscsév - no accomodation there! Stay at "Klastrompuszta", 3kms before. - Klastrom fogadó (guest house and restaurant) - N47 42.029 E18 50.023