Day 1 Rostrenen

Mixed' is perhaps best word for the first day. 

Started very well.  After the overnight boat from Plymouth I was feeling really pleased with myself. Somehow, stuffed in a corner on a reclining chair, I had actually got some sleep and when I woke up the sun was shining and the ferry was approaching Roscoff.

The first stretch of the ride, a coastal ride to Morlaix, was excellent, very pretty. There were lots of other cyclists about, but the highlight was definitely a conversation with Pierre, a Frenchman who crossed the road to help me with my navigation.  He spoke excellent English and it turned out he used to cycle around Leeds selling onions from a bike, you couldn't make it up.

Morlaix is a very pretty town and after picking up a sandwich set off south along an old railway line.  Great cycling, but amongst the trees I hadn't noticed how the blue sky had turned to gray and after an hour or so a fairly persistent rain set in. 

By the time I got to Carhaix Plouguer I was wet and muddy. I thought about stopping, but it was still only 2 and in the rain Carhaix Plouger looked a dump.

Eventually a I found the way out and was soon reunited with the Eurovelo 1 and after 10 minutes or so hit the Brest Nantes canal and was heading east along the tow path.  The plan was to get to Gouarec and then call it a day after 120km.

After about 10 kms disaster struck. For some reason the plastic chain guard on the back wheel shattered and a bit of it got stuck in the derailleur and basically buggered it. Nothing to do but walk to the nearest town, Rostrenen, where luckily there was a hotel, and try and find a mechanic to fit a new derailleur.  Could be in Rostrenen for some time.

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