Day 1 Munich to Venice Wolfratshausen

36 kilometres 9 hours walking

The one word summary for today is 'wet'. It started raining at about 9-30, an hour after we left Munich, stopped at about 2 and then started again just before 5 as we struggled to find our hotel in Wolfratshausen.  To make matters worse, a navigational cock-up on my part meant that we lost an hour and as a result we got well and truly caught in the last downpour.
The 'new' town hall in Marienplatz
On the map this looked like a dull walk, a slog south along a path tracking the Isar River.  Despite the weather it was a nice walk and if the weather had been kind it would have been excellent.  Considering that the route starts in the middle of one of Germany's biggest cities it's surprising how quickly you get into the country.

Hopefully Renate & Fredi are still together - signs of love at the Marienklausenbrucke

Along with various museums we visited the Marienplatz yesterday and with the dodgy weather forecast I couldn't persuade Christine to go back again this morning.  It was smaller than I had expected and absolutely packed, so crowded it was almost impossible to take a picture.  Anyway we did the official start yesterday and started today from near the Deutsche Museum.

Following a river side path we walked out of Munich on a riverside finger of green running right into the heart of city.  There was a cycle way and a footpath, and if you got them mixed up it could have fatal results as the cyclists were flying along.
Woodpecker warnings

Gradually we left the cyclists, dog walkers and joggers and were alone with the river, occasional red squirrels and some woodpeckers.  Woodpeckers around here are seen as a hazard and a sign warned us to watch out for branches, pecked off by sharp beaks, falling from above. The only thing to really watch out for was when the route decided to cross the river (sometimes canalised), as being stranded on the wrong side could take you miles out of your way.
Bratwurst No 1

There were plenty of places to stop for refreshments. At about 11 we stopped for coffee and cheesecake and at lunchtime we had our first bratwurst of the trip.  Traditional Bavarian fare is the order of the day both in terms of food and the costumes (lederhosen for the men and tight blouses for the women).
Choose your favorite birdsong

At about 3.30 we got on the wrong side of the river. I missed a discreet door to a bridge and instead followed a path deeper and deeper into wet undergrowth heading on a very roundabout route to our eventual destination.  40 minutes later Christine spotted my mistake and we returned, found the door, and crossed by a magic route to the right side.
Cross this weir
Through this door

Our hotel in Wolfratshausen is new which meant no-one knew where it was.  When eventually we found it we appeared on the doorstep as the classic drowned rats.  The owner was so shocked at our appearance that she insisted on giving us two huge weissbeers on the house, assuring us that Bavaria might be wet but it is welcoming.


  1. Oh, how I miss Bratwürste!

  2. Great to see you are both on the trail again. Should be an interesting walk, I only know the bits in the 'Dollies'
    Just wish you didn't walk so far each day, makes me feel so gastropodic.
    Best of luck and I'll enjoy your adventures on this screen.