Hall to Glungezer

Dear Christine, you may be hobbling at home with a broken foot but today you dodged at bullet. Getting off the plane yesterday in Innsbruck after weeks slobbing in Brighton and then climbing 2500m on a hot day was a big ask and yes I suffered. You were worried about this first day and rightly so. Glungezer is the a very friendly hut but it's also the highest one on the whole Munich Venice route, has no running water and I'm sleeping in a packed dorm.
Catch the lift idiot!
The red German language Rother Guide, which all the Germans use on the Munich Venice route recommends taking a bus and a chair lift and avoiding most of the climb. Although this seems a cop out, having done it I can see its sense.  It's hard work and the route they recommend doesn't help. There is road walking at the beginning and a horrible stretch along the side of very steep piste (must be a black run). What's worse is the chair lift, the one your supposed to take, runs along side the piste. It's packed with walkers staring bemusedly down at the only person making the climb.

Looking back to the Karwendel
Still the weather has been brilliant, sunny but with just enough breeze to clear the air and make the walking tolerable. The views to the north are dominated by the Inn Valley with Innsbruck, Hall and Wattens nestling in the bottom. On its other side is the great white wall of the Karwendel. Once I got over 2000m I could make out the Birkkarspitz sitting right in the middle. It's the highest mountain in the Karwendel and we climbed it on a beautiful day last year.
Hat decorated with alpine plants

A little 'snifter'
Christine you will be pleased to know that I stopped for lunch. The traditional Alm was packed with walkers dropped there by the chair lift and, in the Austrian style, they were enjoying the sun, beer and some stronger stuff.  In the mayhem my order of noodles mit wurst and apalshaft mit soda was ignored and I was left to melt in the sun.  Eventually some Austrians took up my case and I was rewarded with my order and a massive glass of potent smelling clear liquid which I stupidly drank.  It didn't help the last 600m of climb which were now the toughest part of the day.
Glungezer Hütte - amazing food but no water
I arrived at Glungezer at just before 5 and for a time thought I had it almost to myself.  Wrong of course and by 6 it was packed. Dinner is at 6-30, lights out at 9-30 and breakfast at 6-30. Despite the fact that they have no water for washing the food was amazing courtesy, as is often the case, of a chef from Kathmandu.  To be honest I can't wait to get to bed, I sure I'll sleep which is more than I can say for my German neighbour who is a little too close for his comfort.


  1. John, Hoping you have a great trip, will follow your posts with interest. I'll also be out in Austria early September, in the Stubai - Cicerone already have the guidebook! Lets hope for good weather.

  2. Dear John, a bummer that I am missing this. Staggering along the prom in the Beckham boot doesn't really compare. However that slog up the black run sounds grim - think I'd have been smirking down at you from the chairlift if I was there. Glad the weather is good this time!!