Day 1 Montpellier to Brighton - Sète

Getting here with 2 bikes on a plane from Gatwick was stressful. I know very little about bikes and Christine knows less than nothing. The airports at both ends were packed with people escaping for bank holidays and half term week and wrapping the bikes up in amateur fashion, on full display, was a tad embarrassing. Still it worked and dispite a last minute panic about our bubble wrap deficiency the bikes arrived at Montpellier in good condition.
Packed a ready - Bikes in CTC bags
At Montpellier Airport
We cycled about 50kms west along the coast to Sète and only got lost 4 times. I've got a new phone which has brilliant security. It turns itself off and to wake it up again you have to put your index finger in the right place. This is fine when the phone is in your pocket but not so good when it's attached to the bike and pointing in the wrong direction. It should get easier, but today it meant I missed a turning and failed to find a really good stretch of the route where the Canal du Midi somehow crosses a lagoon before reaching the sea. Still we did get to see huge flocks of flamingos which are famous here in the Carmargue and whose wings are really pink.
Pretty Flamingos
Most of the route was along dedicated cycle paths and only on the final couple of kms into Sète did we find ourselves in any traffic.

We managed to get a room in the best hotel, according to the reviews, on the side of the Canal in the old town centre. We've just eaten a great dinner of bouillabaisse and grilled fish straight off the boats, washed down by delicious local vin Blanc.
Sete - room with a view
So far so good.


  1. Who did you fly with out of interest? I've used Ryanair with no problems but others have had a lot of damage to gears and wheels. Obviously a dedicated bike box is ideal but of no use when moving on to another area. I now use the Bike-Express bus.
    Glad to see you are sticking to your,or Christine's, policy of the best hotel in town. Think you will have a wonderful trip - bon velo.

    1. Will have a look a bike express bus. We went with Easy jet and no complaints. Track a bit bumpy today but I think you warned me about that.

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