Friday 24th June Les Plans d'Hortonnes to St Germain de Joux

Just when I started to get my booking room act together in one country I have to work out how to do it in another. Booked my last two nights in France and if I work out where the routes join up (no clues anywhere) I will be in Switzerland on Monday. Nearly two countries down and only four to go, but they start to come thick and fast from here on in.

After yesterday's big walk today was more of a stroll, just 24 kilometres, mainly downhill with just 400 metres of climb. I'm going to pay for it tomorrow.

Les Plans d'Hortonnes is a little cross country skiing resort about 3 kilometres off the GR9, not really a village. The hotel was nice however and I did fall in love with their dog. Maybe a reaction to the savage one I met yesterday. I thought the feeling was reciprocated when she left town with me but after following me for about thirty minutes she thought the better of it and returned home.

Walking Companion

It was a nice walk today, the weather was dry (a bit cold), but not a massive amount to write home about in terms of scenery. Mainly walking across a feature called the Plateau de Retord which was fairly flat, made for easy walking, but also meant that you didn't get any big views. Huge numbers of cattle enjoying the summer grazing.

Who you looking at!

Plateau Retord

Having descending through some mixed forest, nice and soft underfoot, I arrived at the hotel in St Germain de Joux by 3.30. Plenty of time to rest up and start thinking about Switzerland.

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  1. No, John, you will not pass through Liechtenstein, unless you make a detour of a day or two. From now on, it is Switzerland for a couple of weeks, because the E4 follows border river Rhine on the Swiss side, then Austria near Bregenz and then comes Germany after a day. Near Salzburg you will be back in Austria. The first part of Switzerland is French speaking, followed by German until the Hungarian border.
    Avoid ticks! Menno