Saturday 25th June St-Germain-de-Joux to Lelex

Touch wood but everything does seem to be going very well at moment. Maybe I'm just now getting the full benefits of the break I had last week but today was quite a big walk, 30 kilometres and 1800 metres of ascent, but it all went past in a very pleasant blur.

The weather helped, it's absolutely perfect, not too hot but clear blue skies. I was also listening to a back catalogue of Frank Skinner podcasts and I hardly notice a steady climb if I'm just a bit distracted. Also getting updates from home about a major family event which is unfolding at the moment so all in all the walk was a bit of a back drop.

Got away from the hotel in St-Germain-de-Joux (bit pricey) by 8, got stocked up in the local shop, and was already high above the village by 8.30.


Most of the walk today was high up but in trees with only the occasional meadow to break things up. There was one view point looking east across a valley with snow covered alps in the background but the atmosphere didn't make for a brilliant photograph.

Approaching Giron

View out to Monnetier

The bees today were particularly noticeable. The noise was so loud at one point that it was almost like standing next to a motorway. A particular sort of flower in small meadow surrounded by trees seemed to attract them from miles around.

Flower laden meadows

My favourite bit of the walk was around a feature called the Cret au Merles where trees for once gave way to open countryside. Was being enjoyed by a lot of other hikers and a very casual looking group of horse riders.

Cret de Chalam


Arrived at Lelex at about 6, so a 10 hour walk. Lovely summer evening and after a couple of hours got the news I have been waiting for all day, the safe arrival of Christine's first grandchild.

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  1. Great news for Christine, enjoy those marvellous moments with the family.