GR1 Sendero Historico - Kick Off

After a long winter spent getting fat I can't wait to start walking the GR1 across northern Spain.  Starting on Friday the 1st of March I'll be walking 38 days non-stop, covering around 700 miles, and everything about the trip looks wonderful.

To be honest the only stressful thing about a long distance trip like this is finding somewhere to stop each night.  I don't camp out, preferring the softer option of sleeping in a bed.  As well as the obvious attractions I really enjoy the "pot luck" approach this entails, especially in Spain where the variety of accommodation is vast.  Still if you don't speak Spanish (and I shall have another go at extending my very limited vocabulary on this trip) explaining what you're looking for is not necessarily that easy.  On this trip, it's all been done for me by my wonderful Spanish friend Juan Holgado - accommodation booked every night for 38 days, fantastic.

In fact planning the trip has been a doddle (it took me longer to plan the E4 than walk it).  I would like to say it's been a collaboration with Juan but really he's done all the heavy lifting.  I used the route from his website to create a schedule,  sent it to him and he then made it work - it's the nearest thing I'll ever get to a Spanish package holiday.

The fruits of the "collaboration" can be found in the attached schedule along with some notes on the things I'll be looking out for.  I'll be trying to blog every day although I'll only be publishing when I get access to wifi.  I hope you'll find it interesting.

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